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Northwest Chess is a non-profit corporation registered in Washington State.
Address: NWC c/o Orlov Chess Academy, 4174 148TH AVE NE BLDG I STE M, REDMOND, WA 98052-5164.
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WCF / OCF / ICA / NWCF Officers

About Us / FAQ page

Unless you are a resident of Washington State, your Northwest Chess subscription no longer includes a state chess membership. (Existing memberships will continue to be honored until they expire.)

Per the new NWCF Bylaws adopted Jan. 26, 2020:

4.1 Number and Powers. The management of all the affairs, property, and interests of the corporation shall be vested in a Board of Directors consisting of two (2) state directors selected by the Washington Chess Federation (WCF), plus two (2) “managing” directors, who ordinarily will be the Publisher and Business Manager, plus three (3) directors-at-large.

Washington Chess Federation

Please address WCF mail to the Orlov Chess Academy, 4174 148TH AVE NE BLDG I STE M, REDMOND, WA 98052-5164 (new address as of Oct. 2016).

Note: All WCF offices are staggered 2-year terms that expire at the annual membership meeting at the Washington Open (usually in May) in the years indicated below.

See the constitution of the Washington Chess Federation.

President (term expires 2024)
Josh Sinanan, washingtonchessfederation@gmail.com

Vice President (term expires 2023)
Duane Polich, duane@combonate.com

Secretary (term expires 2024)
Chouchanik Airapetian, chornyaa@msn.com

Treasurer (term expires 2023)
Robert Allen, allenrobertj@msn.com

Member-at-Large (term expires 2023)
Ani Barua, barua.aniruddha@gmail.com

Tournament Coordinator (term expires 2023)
Valentin Razmov, vrazmov@gmail.com

Corporate and Collegiate Director (term expires 2023)
Florian Helff, fhelff@gmail.com

Adult Chess Director (term expires 2024)
Rekha Sagar, rekha4chess@gmail.com

Women and Girls Director (term expires 2023)
Chouchanik Airapetian, chornyaa@msn.com

Scholastic Director (term expires 2024)
Rekha Sagar, rekha4chess@gmail.com

Historian (term expires 2024)

Registrar (term expires 2024)
David Hendricks, DavidCHendricks@comcast.net

Events Manager (appointed position, non-board member)
Eddie Chang, eddie@changgroup.com

Northwest Chess Board Members
Josh Sinanan, Aniruddha Barua and Duane Polich (as Publisher)

US Chess Delegates
Fred Kleist, Murlin Varner (alternate)

Oregon Chess Federation

Term September 2020 to August 31, 2022 (or until annual meeting).
Note: All OCF offices are 2-year terms that expire at the annual membership meeting at the Oregon Open (usually in September) in even-numbered years.

See Oregon Chess Federation bylaws.

President (and NWCF board member)
Wilson Gibbins, wgibbins@comcast.net

Vice President
Carl Haessler, carl@NWchessworks.com

Dave Murray

Mike Morris, mikejmorris@earthlink.net

Tournament Coordinator
Micah Smith, micah.smith@wsu.edu

Director-at-Large #1
Greg Markowski

Director-At-Large #2
Roshen Nair

US Chess Delegate
Carl Haessler, carl@NWchessworks.com

Idaho Chess Association

See the linked website for more information including current officers.

Northwest Chess Foundation

The NWCF board members are as follows, effective Jan. 3, 2021:

  • Josh Sinanan (WCF)
  • Aniruddha Barua (WCF)
  • Wilson Gibbins (OCF)
  • Duane Polich (Publisher)
  • Eric Holcomb (former Business Manager)
  • Jeff Roland (Editor and member-at-large)
  • Ralph Dubisch (Games Editor and member-at-large)
  • Alex Machin (member-at-large)

See the NWC response forms to easily send your message!

See NWC meeting minutes.

General Inquiries
info@nwchess.com (will continue to be handled by Eric H. for now)

Northwest Chess Editor
Jeffrey Roland, editor@nwchess.com (will also forward to Duane Polich)

Northwest Chess Publisher
Duane Polich, publisher@nwchess.com

Northwest Chess Business Manager
Vacant, businessmanager@nwchess.com (will forward to Duane Polich)