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Northwest Chess is a non-profit corporation registered in Washington State.
Address: NWC c/o Orlov Chess Academy, 4174 148TH AVE NE BLDG I STE M, REDMOND, WA 98052-5164.
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Judged "Best State Magazine" for 2009 and 2014-20 by the Chess Journalists of America.
See the 2009 CJA award certificates (PDF).
See the CJA award certificates for 2014-2020.

Northwest Chess is pleased to have won multiple CJA awards in 2021 including "Best State Magazine/Newsletter" (both print and online), and "Best Photography" and "Best Cartoon" awards. Congratulations to Editor Jeff Roland, photographer Philip Peterson, and cartoonist Brian Berger.

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Northwest Chess is published monthly by Northwest Chess, a non profit corporation registered in the State of Washington. Northwest Chess is managed by a board which includes representatives from the WCF, members at large, and the business manager and publisher of the magazine.
Northwest Chess is the official monthly publication of the Washington Chess Federation, the Oregon Chess Federation, and the Idaho Chess Association. Magazine and website © NWC, All Rights Reserved (except for public domain information and news).

The copy deadline is currently the 5th of each month for the next month's issue.
Please send articles, games, photos, etc. to Duane Polich (Publisher) and Jeff Roland (Editor) for possible publication in the magazine.
Please send advertisements directly to the Business Manager.
The Business Manager must also approve any content if payment is requested for publication.

Please see the homepage for important changes effective in 2019-2020.
Press Release (Dec. 2017): Please read "From The Publisher’s Desk" in the Dec. 2017 magazine. There is an increase in state membership dues for the first time in 15 years, starting in January 2018.
Press Release (11/22/2012): Jeffrey Roland takes over as Northwest Chess editor
Press Release (7/2/2012): Frank Niro named as Northwest Chess interim editor
Press Release (10/11/2011): Fred Kleist returns as Northwest Chess editor.
Press Release (10/3/2011): Idaho Chess Association joins Northwest Chess.
Press Release (10/5/2008): Ralph Dubisch named as new Northwest Chess Editor.
Press Release (5/23/2008): Northwest Chess to begin collecting WA sales tax in July.

WCF/NWC Business address:
Orlov Chess Academy
REDMOND, WA 98052-5164
Business Manager:
Vacant (Duane Polich to perform accounting functions)
Please use address at left.
Magazine Editor:
Jeffrey Roland | Historical editors list
Games Editor: Ralph Dubisch
Magazine Publisher:
Duane Polich
Subscriptions (includes WCF/OCF membership if applicable for individuals):
Adult - $30.00 or $80.00 for 3 years
Junior - $24.00 or $43.00 for 2 years
Scholastic (6-month Junior) - $14.00
Senior (65+) - $25.00 or $65.00 for 3 years
Additional family at same address - $10.00 each, $18.00 for 2 years (with $43.00 junior primary membership) or $25.00 for 3 years
1-month (tournament/trial) - $12.00
Foreign - US$40.00 Canada, US$60.00 all others
Washington residents please add sales tax.
Advertising (per issue):
Effective Jan. 2020
Standard rates; please inquire about affiliate discounts

Full Page - $200
Half Page - $100
1/4 Page - $50
Card size - $25 per issue or $150 annually
Event Announcements - see below.
Multiple issue discounts available.
Event (Tournament) Announcements (effective Jan. 2020):
$40 for three consecutive listings of the same event. $30 for two consecutive listings of the same event. $20 for one listing, or $20 per month for events held every month (may include dates for current month and next month).

Please contact the business manager for more advertising information. You can also see the magazine back issues page for past examples of various size ads. Ads can be accepted in several standard formats including Word, PDF, TIFF and JPEG. (Event announcements can only be in text format similar to those in Chess Life.) All ads subject to availability of space and final NWC approval. New advertisers may be required to pay at least a deposit in advance. Ads can also appear on the NWC website (usually as low-resolution linked PDF files) at no extra charge.

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