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Tournament Clearinghouses

US Chess recommends that tournament organizers cooperate with each other to anticipate conflicting tournaments with the help of area clearinghouses. The submission of a “Tournament Life” announcement should be the last step in the process of scheduling a tournament — after the date has been coordinated with the dates of other organizers through the clearinghouses.

The US Chess National Office arranges for recognized clearinghouses to assist organizers in avoiding conflicting tournaments. The clearinghouses undertake to notify organizers of possible conflicting tournaments and to help organizers schedule non-conflicting tournaments. Though the clearinghouses are in no way agents of the US Chess nor have binding authority to establish dates or settle conflicting events, we urge the voluntary cooperation of organizers with the clearinghouses to avoid conflicting tournaments.

Clearinghouses are designated by the first three digits of the ZIP code areas they serve.

The clearing house for Washington and Oregon is:

As of November 2010, Gary Dorfner volunteered to be the tournament clearinghouse for WA and OR. Contact Gary using the e-mail link, or call (253) 228-2924 (new phone as of 2022).