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Northwest Chess Tournament Announcements

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Northwest Chess Tournament Announcements

May 2022

Please see the regular calendar page for other event listings and ads/flyers.

May 28-29 Vinny’s Favorite Movie, Boise, ID.

May 28-30 Washington Open, Seattle Marriott Redmond, Redmond, WA.

June 2022

Jun 4 SCC Saturday Quads, Seattle, WA. Format: 3-RR, 4-plyr sec. by rtg. TC: G/120;d5. EF: $9(+$7 fee for non-SCC). Prizes: Free quad entry. Reg: 9-9:45 a.m. Rds: 10:00-2:15-6:30. Misc: US Chess, WCF; OSA. NS, NC.

Jun 4-5 Mali the Mensa Beagle, Boise, ID.

Jun 5 SCC G/20 Hexes, Seattle, WA. Format: 5-RR in 6- or 5-player sections. TC: G/20;+8. EF: $12 (+$6 fee for non-SCC). Prize Fund: $$54 b/6. Prizes: $36-18. Reg: 12-12:45 p.m. Time Frame: 1 to ~6:30 p.m. Byes: 0. Misc: US Chess. NS, NC.

Jun 11 SCC Novice, Seattle, WA. Format: 4-SS. Open to U1200 and UNR. TC: G/75; d5. EF: $15 by 6/6, $20 at site. (-$2 SCC mem., -$1 mem. other NW dues-req'd CCs). Prizes: SCC membership(s). Reg: 9-9:45a.m. Rds: 10-12:45-3:30-6. Byes: 1 (Rd 3/4–commit at reg.). Misc: US Chess memb. req’d. NS, NC.

Jun 11-12 Alset Electric Chess Tournament, Boise, ID.

Jun 18-19 Rusty Miller Memorial, online via Chess.com.

Jun 19 SCC Sunday Tornado, Seattle, WA. Format: 4-SS. TC: G/60; d5. EF: $18 (+$7 fee for non-SCC). Prizes: 1st 35%, 2nd 27%, Bottom Half 1st 22%, 2nd 16% ($10 per EF to prize fund). Reg: 10:30-11:15 a.m. Rds: 11:30-1:50-4:10-6:30. Byes: 1 (Rd 3/4–commit at reg.). Misc: US Chess, WCF; OSA. NS, NC.

Jun 24-28 PNWCC FIDE Open - SOS (Summer of Seattle) - also with FIDE Rated Blitz – Jackpot OTB II, Redmond, WA | Registration link.

Jun 25-26 Emerald City Open, Seattle, WA. A four-round Swiss with a time control of 40/90 & SD/30;+30 . The prize fund of $500 is based on twenty-four paid entries. See ad for details.

July-August 2022

Jul 1-3 Washington vs. British Columbia Challenge Match, Executive Airport Plaza Hotel, Richmond, BC.

Jul 23-24 Vancouver Open, Vancouver, WA.

Aug 13-17 Seattle Chess Classic, OCA Seattle + Redmond, WA.

September-December 2022

Dec 16-18 MexInsurance.com FIDE Open, Barber Park Education and Event Center, Boise, ID.