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2018 Oregon State Championship

Information from the Portland CC website.

Oregon State Championship and Invitational (September 14-16 & 22-23, 2018)

After the tournament was postponed from Feb. 10-11 and 17-19 due to emergency circumstances, it was rescheduled to Sept. 14-16 and 22-23 (with one round on the evening of Friday the 14th) as these two weekends were the ones that overall worked best in the schedule and for the TDís running the tournament. The tournament was played at the Portland Chess Club and sponsored by the Oregon Chess Federation. Mike Hasuike was the TD for the rounds one and nine, Greg Markowski did rounds two and three, Mike Lilly did rounds four and five, Mike Morris did rounds six and seven, and Dave Yoshinaga did round eight. Due to the TDís not being FIDE arbiters, the tournament unfortunately was only US Chess rated and not also FIDE rated.

NM Matt Zavortink and NM Owen McCoy tied for first in the Championship section with 7/9 (and no losses). Thew drew their matchup in round eight. For Matt, itís the second straight year he has won the Oregon State Championship. For Owen, it was the first time he played in the Oregon State Championship and he ties Oleg Zaikovís record from 2003 for being the youngest player (15 years old) to win the Championship. He also gained around 40 rating points and achieved a new peak rating. Matt and Owen split the 1st ($250) and 2nd ($100) place prizes, each winning $175 and they both get their name inscribed on the State Championship perpetual trophy. FM Shunkai Peng finished third with 5.5/9 and won $50.

Ryan Richardson and Karl Cosner tied for first in the Invitational section with 6.5/9. They drew there matchup in round seven. They split the first ($125) and second ($50) place prizes, each winning $87.50. Ryan edges out Karl on tiebreaks and thus wins the seed into the Championship section next year. Karl also gained around 35 rating points. NM Steven Deeth and Roshen Nair tied for third with 6/9. They split the third place prize, each winning $12.50. Roshen also gained around 35 rating points and achieved a new peak rating. We thank Owen McCoy (from Eugene), Corey Russell (from Medford), Joshua Grabinsky (from Coquille), and Paul Shannon (from Bend) for making the long trip two weekends in a row to play in this tournament. See the games from the tournament here.

See the US Chess crosstables for this event.

Organized by the Oregon Chess Federation.
Tournament directors: see above.

This event was reported in the November 2018 (see NWC_201811_opt_color.pdf) issue of Northwest Chess magazine. For subscription information, please see our magazine info page.

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