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Chess Game Scores (from Washington events)


  • Thanks to Fred Kleist and Josh Sinanan for compiling (or assisting with) the 2009-2020 Washington state championship games.

  • Thanks to Murlin Varner (sometimes with the assistance of Josh) for compiling 2011 to 2017 games from major state events including the Washington Open, Washington Class Championships, Washington Challenger's Cup, Washington Game/60, President's Cup, Seattle Chess Classic, Vancouver Open and Washington Women's Championship.

  • Thanks to Murlin Varner for compiling games from the 2015 WA Senior, 2013-14 NWC Open, 2013 Tri-Cities Open, 2014 and 2016 Harmon Memorial and 2012-13 U.S. Open games.

  • Thanks to Jacob Mayer for compiling games beginning in 2017, including the President's Cup (2018), Challenger's Cup, WA Class and Seattle Masters.

  • Thanks to Drayton Harrison for compiling most Washington event games from 2006 to 2010.

  • Thanks to Bill McGeary for the Silverdale, Washington games.

  • Thanks to Hanniegn Pitre for the Tacoma Chess Club March 2014 games.

File Format Notes:

  • CBV type files are Chessbase archive databases. They can be opened with Fritz, ChessBase, ChessBase Light, ChessBase Reader, and Chess Assistant. If you don't have one of these chess programs, you can go to and download the free ChessBase Light.

  • PGN (Portable Game Notation) type files can be opened with almost any chess program, and also any text editor such as MS-Word or Notepad.

  • As of Nov. 10, 2017, we have replaced MyChessViewer with the more modern ChessBase viewer. You can view games in the PGN files directly in your browser, and perform other functions such as running a chess engine to analyze the games. (Engine not available for all browsers; Google Chrome is recommended.)

Additional File Format Notes from Drayton:

  • The ChessBase (cbv) files have the best annotations and I recommend that everyone should get ChessBase on their computer. There are two free versions of ChessBase (CB Light and CB Reader) available with limited features.

  • When I convert the ChessBase file to PGN it loses several features: 1) all medals and colored arrows and squares; 2) Diagrams will say "Diagram" in the text but it doesn't print real diagrams anymore, even if you convert it back to ChessBase. 3) Chess symbols & fonts such as "+/=" are not readable unless you open the PGN file with ChessBase on a windows computer.

Direct links to the ChessBase viewer pages for the following annual events:
(for more details and individual year games files, see the tables below)

Event: Washington Championship, Premier, Invitational and Challengers
Year #Games Files for download
See list of winners for links to crosstables and additional information.
Note: Additional Challengers section added in 2016.
See WA Championship games using the Chessbase viewer.
2020 148 WA_Champ_2020.pgn
2019 150 WA_Champ_2019.pgn
2018 180 WA_Champ_2018.pgn
2017 175 WA_Champ_2017.pgn
2016 167 WA_Champ_2016.pgn
2015 135 WA_Champ_2015.pgn
2014 74 WA_Champ_2014.pgn
2013 129 WA_Champ_2013.pgn
2012 135 WA_Champ_2012.pgn
2011 135 WA_Champ_2011.pgn
2010 135 WA_Champ_2010.pgn
2009 130 WA_Champ_2009.pgn
2008 135 WA_Champ_2008.pgn | WA_Champ_2008.cbv
2007 90 WA_Champ_2007.pgn
There are two games in the Premier with
missing or indecipherable scoresheets:
(1) Calpo-Ballard (2) Smith-Cloy.
1971 7 See John Braley's seven winning games with light notes
by IM John Donaldson: cbv | pgn formats.
Event: Washington Open & Blitz
Year #Games Files for download
See WA Open games using the Chessbase viewer.
2020 383, 240 (online) WA_Open_2020.pgn | WA_Open_Blitz_2020.pgn
2019 40 (Open) WA_Open_2019.pgn
2017 240 WA_Open_2017.pgn
2016 69 WA_Open_2016.pgn
2015 217 WA_Open_2015.pgn
2014 205 WA_Open_2014.pgn
2013 210 WA_Open_2013.pgn
2012 143 WA_Open_2012.pgn
2010 230 WA_Open_2010.cbv | WA_Open_2010.pgn
2008 217 WA_Open_2008.cbv | WA_Open_2008.pgn
2007 159 WA_Open_2007.cbv | WA_Open_2007.pgn
The Chessbase file has about 20 games
with some commentary.
Event: Washington Class Championships
Year #Games Files for download
See WA Class games using the Chessbase viewer.
2017 102 WA_Class_2017.pgn
2016 174 WA_Class_2016.pgn
2015 186 WA_Class_2015.pgn
2014 187 WA_Class_2014.pgn
2013 125 WA_Class_2013.pgn
2012 158 WA_Class_2012.pgn Updated May 2013
2011 115 WA_Class_2011.pgn
2010   Not available
2009 194 WA_Class_2009.cbv | WA_Class_2009.pgn
2008 139 WA_Class_2008.cbv (some comments) |
WA_Class_2008.pgn (no comments)
2007 173 WA_Class_2007.cbv | USCF Cross Tables (HTML file)
WA_Class_2007_annotated.pgn (some annotations)
WA_Class_2007_nocomments.pgn (no annotations)
Thanks to all who played in the tournament, submitted readable score sheets, and who assisted me with the bulletin. Drayton
2006 154 WA_Class_2006.cbv (complete) | WA_Class_2006_update.cbv (update)
WA_Class_2006.pgn (complete) | WA_Class_2006_update.pgn (update)

2006 notes: There is no commentary in the PGN files because some chess programs have compatibility issues with annotated games. The "Update" version of both files contains 10 additional games and corrected games as follows: 1) Additional games that were published in Northwest Chess magazine. 2) Updated commentary of some games that were published in Northwest Chess. 3) Correction of moves to Inglis-Woodlief game. The complete version also contains corrected player names (Ignacio Perez and Dennis McGuire).

 Washington Challengers Cup
Year #Games Files for download
See WA Challengers Cup games using the Chessbase viewer.
2018 33 WA_ChCup_2018.pgn
2017 34 WA_ChCup_2017.pgn
2015 63 WA_ChCup_2015.pgn
2014 70 WA_ChCup_2014.pgn
2013 56 WA_ChCup_2013.pgn
2009 57 WA_ChCup_2009.pgn
2008 17 WA_ChCup_2008.pgn
2007 48 WA_ChCup_2007.cbv | WA_ChCup_2007.pgn
Washington G/60 Championship
Year #Games Files for download
See WA G/60 games using the Chessbase viewer.
2019 27 WA_Game60_2019.pgn
2017 27 WA_Game60_2017.pgn
2015 61 WA_Game60_2015.pgn
2014 38 WA_Game60_2014.pgn
Washington Senior Championship
Year #Games Files for download
See WA Senior games using the Chessbase viewer.
2020 16 online WA_Senior_2020.pgn
2019 19 WA_Senior_2019.pgn
2016-2018   Not available
2015 6 WA_Senior_2015.pgn
BC vs. Washington Match
Year #Games Files for download
See BC vs. WA Match games using the Chessbase viewer.
2020 50 BC_vs_WA_Match_2020.pgn
2019 48 BC_vs_WA_Match_2019.pgn
BC vs. Washington Scholastic Intermat
Year #Games Files for download
See BC vs. WA Intermat games using the Chessbase viewer.
2020 52 online BC_vs_WA_Intermat_2020.pgn
2019 26 BC_vs_WA_Intermat_2019.pgn
2018 52 BC_vs_WA_Intermat_2018.pgn
2017 48 BC_vs_WA_Intermat_2017.pgn
Emerald City Open
Year #Games Files for download
See Emerald City Open games using the Chessbase viewer.
2020 140 online Emerald_City_Open_2020.pgn
Northwest Chess Open
Year #Games Files for download
See NWC Open games using the Chessbase viewer.
2020 107 online NWC_Open_2020.pgn
2015-19   Not available
2014 25 NWC_Open_2014.pgn
2013 40 NWC_Open_2013.pgn
President's Cup
Year #Games Files for download
See Presidents Cup games using the Chessbase viewer.
2020 14 Presidents_Cup_2020.pgn
2018 13 Presidents_Cup_2018.pgn
2017 36 Presidents_Cup_2017.pgn
2016 39 Presidents_Cup_2016.pgn
2015 48 Presidents_Cup_2015.pgn
2014 48 Presidents_Cup_2014.pgn
Clark Harmon Memorial Open (in Washington)
Year #Games Files for download
See Harmon Memorial games using the Chessbase viewer.
2020 178 (online) Harmon_Memorial_2020.pgn
2018 33 Harmon_Memorial_2018.pgn
2016 24 Harmon_Memorial_2016.pgn
2014 39 Harmon_Memorial_2014.pgn
Seattle Summer Classic
Year #Games Files for download
See Seattle Events games using the Chessbase viewer.
2019 32 (Open) Seattle_Summer_Classic_2019.pgn
2018 44 Seattle_Summer_Classic_2018.pgn
2017 150 Seattle_Summer_Classic_2017.pgn
Seattle Chess Club (2020 co-sponsored by WCF)
Year/Event #Games Files for download
2020 Seafair Open 220 (online) Seattle_Seafair_Open_2020.pgn
2009 Green Open II 7 SCC_Green_200905.pgn
2008 Green Open I 33 SCC_Green_200809.pgn
2008 Seafair Open 67 SCC_Seafair_2008.pgn
Seattle Masters & Super Masters
Event/Date #Games Files for download
See Seattle Masters Events games using the Chessbase viewer.
Seattle Masters - 201804 (Apr.) 13 Seattle_Masters_201804.pgn
Seattle Super Masters - 201803 (Mar.) 44 Seattle_Super_Masters_201803.pgn
Seattle Masters - 201712 (Dec.) 14 Seattle_Masters_201712.pgn
Seattle Masters - 201701 (Jan.) 5 Seattle_Masters_201701.pgn
Seattle Masters - 201612 (Dec.) 15 Seattle_Masters_201612.pgn
Seattle Masters - 201611 (Nov.) 10 Seattle_Masters_201611.pgn
Vancouver Open
Year #Games Files for download
See Vancouver Open games using the Chessbase viewer.
2020 172 (online) Vancouver_Open_2020.pgn
2019 69 Vancouver_Open_2019.pgn
2017 76 Vancouver_Open_2017.pgn
2015 98 Vancouver_Open_2015.pgn
2014 64 Vancouver_Open_2014.pgn
Women's Championship
Year #Games Files for download
See WA Women's games using the Chessbase viewer.
2019 17 WA_Womens_2019.pgn
2018 16 WA_Womens_2018.pgn
2017 16 WA_Womens_2017.pgn
2015 6 WA_Womens_2015.pgn
WCF-organized Scholastic Events ("Kings" also include adults)
Year/Event #Games Files for download
2020 Kings vs. Princes #7 19 online Kings_vs_Princes_7.pgn
2020 Seattle Summer Kickoff 253 online Seattle_Summer_Kickoff_2020.pgn
2020 Barber-Rockefeller Qualifier 260 online Barber_Rockefeller_Qualifier_2020.pgn
2020 NWRSCC (Regional Sch.) 514 online NWRSCC_2020.pgn
2018 Barber Playoff 2 Barber_Playoff_2018.pgn
Other Washington (or U.S. Open) Events
Year/Event #Games Files for download
See Other Washington Events games using the Chessbase viewer.
2014 March events at Tacoma CC 15 TCC_201403.pgn
2013 Tri-Cities Open 38 Tri-Cities_Open_2013.pgn
2013 U.S. Open (Madison, Wisconsin) 107 US_Open_2013.pgn
2013 Lufei Ruan Simul 20 Lufei_Ruan_simul_2013.pgn
2012 U.S. Open (Vancouver, Wash.) 501+ US_Open_2012.pgn
Notes from Murlin Varner: 501 games from the U.S. Open in Vancouver (plus one game from a PCC quad a week or so later) and other associated events (Denker, Barber, Swiss, Quads). These games feature players from Idaho (9), Oregon (85) and Washington (109) as well as some games without any Northwest players involved. Games were taken directly from turned-in scoresheets by me, plus games gathered by Frank Niro from the Monroi website and from his connections with Webster University. Additional games were emailed to me by various Northwest players.
2010 Rasmussen Blackmar-Diemer Gambit Tourney 38 Rasmussen_BDG_2010.pgn
2010 Silverdale Beach Open 15 Silverdale_2010.pgn
2009 Silverdale Beach Open 5 Silverdale_2009.pgn