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Chess Game Scores (from other events)


  • Thanks to IM John Donaldson and others as noted for the older games.

File Format Notes:

  • CBV type files are Chessbase archive databases. They can be opened with Fritz, ChessBase, ChessBase Light, ChessBase Reader, and Chess Assistant. If you don't have one of these chess programs, you can go to and download the free ChessBase Light.

  • PGN (Portable Game Notation) type files can be opened with almost any chess program, and also any text editor such as MS-Word or Notepad.

  • We've added MyChessViewer 2.2 from, which allows you to view games in the PGN files directly in your browser. (Click on the corresponding .htm file in the MyChessViewer column to open the viewer.) Note: You will likely need to add to your Java security exceptions list (in configure Java) to allow MyChessViewer to run.

Year(s) Event Files for download MyChessViewer
2020 WA vs. OR Match online WA_vs_OR_Match_2020.pgn  
August 2011 1st Metropolitan International, Los Angeles, CA 2011_1st_metropolitan_cc_international.pgn 2011_1st_metro_intl.htm
2008 WA vs. OR Match WA_vs_OR_Match_2008.pgn  
1980 Seattle-Berkeley Match Seattle-Berkeley1980.cbv
(contributed by IM John Donaldson)
various Northwest Database
(Part 2 - updated Aug. 2015 and Nov. 2018)
NWC_games_2.cbv and NWC_games_2.pgn (contributed by IM John Donaldson) - 1,261 additions to the NW database, including all games from the 2000, 2002 and 2003 U.S. Championships, games from the 1966 and 1987 U.S. Opens, games of Ulvestad and Zemgalis, and some early games from George McCullough's scrapbook and research done by Casey Bush of early Portland chess. Update: New additions are all the games of the two Braley-Pupols matches and several tournaments John played in the late 1960s where he beat Peter Biyiasas (twice) and Bob Zuk. There are around 40 games played by John new to this file. There are also more games from the 1966 U.S. Open (49 more added in 2018) and a huge amount of cleaning up of the 1987 U.S. Open file.
1971 to 1997 Northwest Database NWC_1971to1997.cbv
4,618 games played in the Pacific Northwest, compiled by IM John Donaldson, Mike Neeley and Phil McCready.
1968 to 2002 Bruce Bailey's games Bruce_Bailey_games.pgn
613 games contributed by Bruce Bailey, a local Class A chessplayer with decades of experience!
1971 Games from NWC magazine NWC_1971games.pgn
Test file compiled by Murlin Varner.
1971 NW (Portland) Invitational Portland_Inv_1971.cbv
Contributed by Andy Ansel This 6-player event was won by Robert Zuk. See article from Chess Life.
MyChessViewer Demos
Year/Event Files for download MyChessViewer
1999 Polgar-Anand Polgar-Anand.pgn Polgar-Anand.htm
1999 Hoogovens  Tournament hoogovens.htm
Queen Sacs QueenSacks.pgn Puzzle.htm