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  • In 2018, the NWC board decided to add "Foundation" to its corporate name, becoming the Northwest Chess Foundation. We will completely update the website once this name is officially registered with the State of Washington and the IRS. This does not affect the name of the magazine - it's still Northwest Chess!
  • The Northwest Chess Forum (bulletin board for chess-related discussions) has fallen into disuse, and has been disabled.

This Week/Weekend - NWC Grand Prix events!

  • Most over-the-board chess events have been cancelled. Please contact the event organizer for more information and current status of scheduled events. Some events have been moved online. See calendar and TA pages for more info about upcoming chess events.
  • Seattle Chess Club - The club is suspending further advertising of in-person events until the club is able to safely reopen. See August SCC ad (for intended schedule).
  • Please note: We are no longer planning a separate Oregon section of the NWC Grand Prix in 2020, however, a small GP prize fund for non-WA players has been announced.

This Week/Weekend - Other (non-GP) events!

  • See PNWCC website for online chess classes/camps and other events.
  • Chess4Life is also offering live virtual chess classes/camps.

Upcoming Events!

November magazine! The November issue of Northwest Chess is in production, and should be mailed next week. It's a 48-page issue again with "Teaching Others To Play Chess" by Karen Schmidt, "Recap For ICA Online Events" by Jeffrey Roland, "Seattle Chess Classic" by Josh Sinanan, "Seattle Classic Blitz Championship (Olympiad Fundraiser)" by Jacob Mayer, "Readers’ Showcase" by Jeffrey Roland, Book Review by Breck Haining, "Oregon Open" by Josh Sinanan, and a back-cover photo of "Ice White Queen" by Philip Peterson. Cover: Ice White Knight by Philip Peterson.

Update! Reported by WCF President Josh Sinanan: Team WA is playing our 7th and final match of the regular season on Monday 10/19 at 7 p.m. on lichess. We won a clutch match against the division-leading Oregon team last week by a score of 9.5-6.5, led by strong performances from our junior squad: Kyle Haining, Derek Zhang, Rushaan Mahajan, and Advaith Vijayakumar! We are now 4.5-1.5 on the season and currently tied for first place in the Western Division!

Oregon-Washington match! First-place Oregon battled second-place Washington for the top spot in the Western Division of the States Cup. The match was on Monday, Oct. 12 at 7 p.m. PDT. Live commentary of the match was available on Nathan Wonder’s Twitch stream with guest commentator Carl Haessler. Or use the links below to follow the games of Joshua Grabinsky, Matt Zavortink, Roshen Nair, and Zoey Tang on lichess.org.

PNWCC Jackpot tournaments featured in ChessBase news article! See Fedoseev wins Jackpot Blitz Tournament.

Junior Championship! Good luck to local IM Bryce Tiglon, who will compete in the upcoming U.S. Junior Championship, October 13-15! Bryce is a recent graduate of Lakeside School and now attends Stanford University. See: Official Site | Chessbase news release.

October magazine! The October issue of Northwest Chess was mailed on 9/21. It's a 48-page issue with "CJA Awards," "Still More Games From The Emerald City Open" by Various Players, "National Tournament Of State Senior Champions" by Mary Kuhner, "Susan Kantor (1955-2020)" by Jeffrey Roland, "Humor In Chess (Sequel)" by Karen Schmidt, "Readers’ Showcase" by Various Players, "Seattle Seafair Open" by Derek Zhang, "Vancouver Open" by Rekha Sagar, "Seattle Classic Scholastic" by Jacob Mayer, and a back-cover photo of "Lenderman’s Penultimate" by Philip Peterson. Cover: Queen And Pawn Death by Philip Peterson. See the teaser edition (selected pages with color).

September magazine! The September issue of Northwest Chess was mailed on 8/27, and should have been received. It's a 32-page issue with "Temporary Suspension Of SCC Ads" by Fred Kleist, "Where Art Thou OTB Games?" by Konner Feldman, "The 1966 Seattle U.S. Open" by John Donaldson, "More Games From Emerald City Open" by Various Players, "2020 Washington vs Oregon Chess Match" by Josh Sinanan, and "Humor In Chess" by Karen Schmidt. Covers (front and back): Chess Art by Philip Peterson. See the full edition (all pages with color).

Film Review! ‘Critical Thinking’ Review: John Leguizamo’s Inspirational High-School Chess Drama; Aug. 31 review on the Variety website. Also see the film trailer.

New Article! - "Playing chess at the park" by Pete O'Cain, staff writer, Aug. 22, 2020, The Wenatchee World.

August magazine! The August issue of Northwest Chess was mailed early on 7/23, and should have arrived! It's a 32-page issue with "Tips For The Aspiring King-Hunter" by Josh Sinanan, "Musings On Women In Chess" by Karen Schmidt, "Viktors Pupols Honored By US Chess" by John Donaldson, "WCF Online Chess Testimonials" by Kent McNall and Don Hack, "WA State Elementary Championship" by WSECC Organizers, "Washington Closed Brilliancy Prizes" by Samual He, Daniel He, Isaac Vega, and Brendan Zhang, "Emerald City Open" by Derek Zhang, "2020 Susan Polgar Foundation Girl's Invitational" by Minda Chen, and a back-cover photo of "Chess packrat nesting material" by Jeffrey Roland. Cover: Roger Hunter, Jef Leifeste, and Alex Machin by Jeffrey Roland. See the full edition (all pages with color).

Local juniors play in Team USA vs. Romania match! Anne-Marie, Sophie and Stephanie Velea played on Saturday, July 11, in an official tournament, with Team USA versus Romania. You can read about the match at https://new.uschess.org/news/usa-romania-youth-match-scheduled-saturday-july-11. The match was expected to be covered on Twitch TV. Update - Team USA won the match, and Stephanie had a great result with one win and one draw.

See old news previously appearing on this page.

Completed Tournament / Match News

Some local tournament reports were previously posted to the Northwest Chess (NWC) blog, found at http://www.nwchess.com/blog/. Links are to NWC blog post or other report, usually US Chess or scholastic rating report. However, blogging activity has stopped. If you are interesting in blogging for your club's events, please let us know.

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See old tournament news previously appearing on this page.


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