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June magazine! The June issue of Northwest Chess was mailed on 5/26. It's a 32-page issue with The Ross Report (Grand Pacific Open, Victoria BC) by IM Dave Ross, Idaho Chess News, Washington Chess News, Oregon Chess News, and a back-cover photo of "OSCF State Championship Bughouse trophy" by Robert Schuff. Cover: Andy Halda wearing his prize-winning fiery bughouse hat, at the OSCF State Championship in Seaside, Oregon. Photo credit: Robert Schuff. See the teaser (selected pages with color).

May magazine! The May issue of Northwest Chess was mailed on Thursday, 4/28. It's a 32-page issue with Oregon Chess News, Idaho Chess News, Washington Chess News, "Chess Groovies" by NM Daniel He and NM Samual He, and a back-cover photo of the “magic” chess hat of Bob Bishop (photo by Jeffrey Roland). Cover: "The Back is on the Front" ... Christopher Baumann by Jeffrey Roland. You can also see Chris' face on the inside of the magazine. See the teaser (selected pages with color).

Candidates! The World Chess Candidates Tournament was held in Moscow, with the closing ceremonies on March 30. See a New York Times article, "The New York Gambit" (posted 3/17) about U.S. candidates Hikaru Nakamura and Fabiano Caruana. Update (3/29): Sergey Karjakin of Russia was the winner (defeating Caruana in the final round) and will play Magnus Carlsen for the world championship in New York in November.

April magazine! The April issue of Northwest Chess was mailed on Thursday, 3/24. It's a 32-page issue with Washington Chess News, Oregon Chess News, Idaho Chess News (all including the state championship) and a back-cover photo of Viktors Pupols at the 2016 Washington Closed by Wei Feng. Cover: The three State Chess Champions by various photographers. See the teaser (selected pages with color). New Advertiser! We welcome Dill Books in Spokane Valley as a new advertiser in Northwest Chess, beginning in April. See Dill's quarter-page ad.

Maryhill Museum open! - This well-known museum, located near Goldendale, Washington, opened for the season on March 15. They report, "We are especially excited about the new installation of the George E. Muehleck Jr. Gallery of International Chess Sets. With an eye to giving this popular exhibition more 'breathing room' and a visitor-friendly space, we’ve moved it to a long corridor in the new wing. This relocation provides a better view of the nearly 80 sets on display ..." See the museum's website, http://www.maryhillmuseum.org, for more information. Also see a video report on the chess set exhibition. New! See Russell Miller's photos of the exhibition.

Buz Eddy in March 1964In Memoriam - Buz Eddy, 1940-2016 - Russell Miller reports, "My brother in law, Burrard 'Buz' Wayne Eddy, died on March 4 in Lynnwood, Wash. He was born on Jan. 2, 1940. He was a very active chess player and organizer in late 1950s and 1960s in Washington State, an editor of WASHINGTON CHESS LETTER, tournament director for the Washington Chess Federation, and assistant TD for the 1966 U.S. Open in Seattle." (Eddy edited WCL from June 1959 to May 1960, and Northwest Chess Letter from May 1966 to October 1966.) Photo: Eddy at the chessboard in March 1964, courtesy of Russell Miller. Memorial Services will be at 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 26, at Maplewood Presbyterian Church, 19523 84th Ave W, Edmonds, WA 98026. Can't attend but want to send a card? - Ask Russell Miller for information. New! Also see the obituary posted on the Bonney-Watson funeral homes website.

More 1972 Fischer-Spassky photos! See this interesting collection of black & white photos on an Icelandic website. Also see Iceland chess photos of Fischer and Spassky in the AP Archive using this search.

March magazine! The March issue of Northwest Chess was mailed on Thursday, 2/25. It's a 32-page issue with Idaho Chess News, Oregon Chess News, Washington Chess News, "Chess Groovies" by NM Daniel He and NM Samuel He, and a back-cover photo of Kyle Schwab at the Boise Chess Club by Jeffrey Roland. Cover: Players at the Barnes & Noble Blitz Round Robin tournament in Twin Falls, ID, by Adam Porth. See the teaser (selected pages with color).

GP Final Results! 2015 Elmars Zemgalis Memorial Grand Prix final standings and results are available from links on the GP page. Checks were mailed to the winners - Congratulations if you're one of them!

Scholastic Chess! Both Washington and Oregon had high school team chess championships scheduled for the Feb. 27-28 weekend; see the completed tournament section below for more information and results. Photo: Playing room at the 2015 Oregon High School Chess Team State Championships event at Portland Community College, courtesy of Nancy Keller.

$10,000 Guaranteed Prize Fund announced for the annual Oregon Open, scheduled for Labor Day weekend, Sept. 3-5, in Portland at the Lloyd Center DoubleTree. See the TA page for details, and for details of the $7,000 prize fund Washington Open, scheduled for May 28-30 in Lynnwood.

Viesturs SeglinsIn Memoriam (Reported by IM John Donaldson) - Two-time Washington state champion Viesturs Seglins died in Seattle on January 14th at the age of 89. Seglins was born on June 28, 1926, in the town of Bauska in southern Latvia about 40 miles from Riga and was introduced to the game at the age of 9 when his godfather bought him a book by Capablanca. This work (likely Chess Fundamentals) had a great influence on his style and in later years Sieglins would be noted for his expertise in the the endgame, the Cuban's forte. Seglins played in some small tournaments during his school days in Latvia but it was only after World War II that he began competing more seriously. He was second at the 1947 Muhlhausen Championship in Germany and the following year won a strong tournament in Kufstein, Austria. Seglins started playing in the Pacific Northwest around 1958 and immediately made an impact winning the state championship that year and in 1962. He was the top-scoring Washington player in the 1966 U.S. Open (with Viktors Pupols and James McCormick), scoring 9-4. Seglins had another fine result in the 1968 U.S. Open in Aspen, Colorado, where he shared 11th place place in a field of 172 with a score of 8-4. A memorial service was held on Feb. 13 at the Latvian Center in Seattle.

February magazine! The February issue of Northwest Chess was mailed on Thursday, 1/28. It's a 32-page issue with Washington Chess News, Oregon Chess News, Idaho Chess News and a back-cover photo of Wesley Brimstein and Andre Murphy by Adam Porth. Cover: Daniel He and Samuel He by Li Wang. See the teaser (selected pages with color).

New Fischer book! IM John Donaldson has released a new greatly enlarged 3rd edition of his book, A Legend on the Road: Bobby Fischer's 1964 Simultaneous Tour, including many annotated games. Here's the link to buy a Kindle or paperback version on amazon.com.

January magazine! The January issue of Northwest Chess was mailed on 12/30. It's a 32-page issue with Idaho Chess News, Oregon Chess News, Washington Chess News, "Chess Groovies" by NM Daniel He and NM Samuel He, and a back-cover photo of Roland Feng and Nick Raptis at the State Champions Match by Josh Sinanan. Cover: Ian Cavey at the Boise Chess Club. Photo credit: Jeffrey Roland. See the teaser (selected pages with color). Note that the teaser version does contain the story on the Feng-Raptis match, along with the back-cover photo!

See old news previously appearing on this page.

Completed Tournament / Match News

Beginning in 2013, some local tournament reports are posted to the Northwest Chess (NWC) blog, found at http://www.nwchess.com/blog/. Links are to NWC blog post or other report. Thanks to Rusty Miller for writing most of the tournament reports from 2013 until April 2014. Rusty stepped down, but started blogging again occasionally as of Nov. 2014. If you are interesting in blogging for your club's events, please let us know. Click on photos to enlarge, or see photos in some of the blog posts.

  Scholastic Events (May):
  Open or Invitational Events (May):
Bryce Tiglon with HS individual championship trophy
Photo: Bryce Tiglon, WA State High School co-Champion (along with Samuel and Daniel He),
and Denker qualifier.
Scholastic Events (March-April):
  Open or Invitational Events (March-April):
WA Jr Closed 2016
Photo: 2016 Washington Junior Closed players. Congratulations to winner Daniel He. See linked blog post for more details.
Scholastic Events (January-February):
Washington 2016 Chess Champion Michael LeePhoto: Washington State chess champion, IM Michael Lee! Open or Invitational Events (January-February):
See old tournament news previously appearing on this page.


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