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2016-2017 TACOMA CHESS TIMES by Gary Dorfner

August 2017

Club Ladder - Our first ladder pairing – with some confusion! - was August 25th. The club will be pairing the ladder board on Friday nights when we don’t have an event. On Tuesdays, players may challenge up to three places up; player #12 may challenge players 11, 10 or 9, etc. Players mutually agree to time controls. All ladder games are touch-move! Previous info from Gary: A member may challenge any other member in a higher spot on the ladder (modified - see above), and if he wins then he trades places with the member that he just beat. At the end of the year prizes will be awarded to the members in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places on the ladder. Also member with the most wins and member with the most draws.

Bartron Wins June TCC Quick - Paul Bartron continued his winning ways by winning all 4 rounds of the June TCC Quick. Tom Walker and David Wight shared second. This event was held at the club on June 9.

Bartron and Anderson tie - Paul Bartron and Larry Anderson tied for 1st in the TCC Summer Quick. They did not play each other in this event. Both won all three rounds. Second place went to Tom Walker and new member Mike Robinson.

Owen Xuan wins Evergreen Empire Open - Only four players showed up for this event. Owen took 1st by winning all three rounds. Peter O’Gorman took home second.

Luke Xie wins Puget Sound Open - Luke finished undefeated. 1st U2000 went to Joseph Truelson, 1st U1700 was claimed by Brian Lee and Ron Kirsch. U1400 was shared by Adam Shea, Rowan Foxley (who just joined the club a week ago) and Steve Burnworth. There were 11 players. This is the oldest and longest running club tournament in the state. It was started here in Tacoma by the TCC back in 1934.

Walker Wins Firecracker Swiss - Tom Walker took home 1st, Larry Anderson took 2nd and Paul Bartron got 3rd on tiebreaks. Eight players participated in this tournament.

All of these (above listed) tournaments were directed by Gary Dorfner.

October 2016

The Tacoma Chess Club Championship was held all five Friday nights in October. There were ten players participating in this event. The winners were: 1st-2nd Mike MacGregor and Paul Bartron 4.0 each. Paul Bartron subsequently became the TCC champion by defeating Mike MacGregor in a playoff match for the title. 3rd Bill Rogers. Class B Larry Anderson, Class C Rich Sewell, Class D Gary Dorfner. There were no Class A or E winners.

The TCC Senior Champion is Steve Buck, and the TCC Junior Champion is Phillip Sun. Winners each received a certificate. Upset Prizes: R-1 Phillip Sun, R-2 Bill Rogers, R-3 Paul Bartron, there were no winners for Rounds 4 and 5. They each had a choice of one book.

August 2016

Bartron Wins Summer Quick - The Summer Quick tournament was held on 8/19 at the club. There were eight players participating in this event. The winners were: 1st Paul Bartron 3.5, 2nd Tom Walker and Steve Buck 2.5 each, 3rd Arjun Thomas, Alex Beck and Jason Fike 2.0 each.

Rupel is Wash. Senior Adult Champion - The Washington Senior Adult Championship was held on 8/21 at the club. There six players in all. The winners were: 1st Dave Rupel 3.5, 2nd Paul Bartron 3.0, 1st U1800 Steve Buck and Colin Southcote-Want 1.5 each.

February 2016

The Tacoma Chess Club Quick was held at the club on 2/5. There were eight players participating in this event. The winners were: 1st/2nd Paul Bartron and Stephen Buck 3.5 each, 3rd/4th/5th Tom Walker, Rich Sewell and Bill Rogers 2.0 each.

The Winter Open was held on 2/20. Seven players showed up to play in this event. The winners were: 1st-2nd Viktors Pupols and Keith Yamanaka 2.5 each.

The Valentine’s Day Swiss was held on Feb. 12, 19 and 26. Nine players participated in this event. The winners were: 1st Tom Walker 3.0, 2nd Mike Rompogren 2.0, 3rd Paul Bartron 1.5. TD for all three of these events was Gary Dorfner.

January 2016

The New Year's Swiss was held on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Friday nights in January (two rounds per night). There were nine players in all. The winners: 1st-2nd Larry Anderson and Tom Walker 4.0 each; 3rd Steve Buck 3.5; 4th Bill Rogers and Paul Bartron 2.5. Bartron (2064) lost to Anderson (1741) and Walker (1880). TD Gary Dorfner.

The Tacoma Open was held on Saturday, January 23. Seven players showed up to play in this event, in addition to Gary as "House Man." The winners were: 1st Top Half Paul Bartron 3.0, 1st Bottom Half Keagan Byers 2.0. TD was Gary Dorfner. Photo: "Paul Bartron teaches chess." Paul Bartron standing; seated TCC President Steve Buck (behind) and Keagan Byers (front).