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2015 TACOMA CHESS TIMES by Gary Dorfner

September 2015

3-Way Tacoma City Champions - The Tacoma City Championship was held on Friday nights from May 29 through June. There were 13 players in all. The winners were: 1st - 3rd Steve Buck, Paul Bartron and Tom Walker, 1st Class C: Bill Rogers, Class D: Steve Burnworth, Class E: 1st Aaron Mcattee, 2nd Ron Taylor.

Arjun Thomas, a junior member, proved to be a Jack the Giant Killer at the Pierce County Open held on May 9. Arjun, rated 1786, drew Viktors Pupols (2207) in R-1 then beat Paul Bartron (2098) and Bill Schill (2245) to win Quad A.

The Puget Sound Open was held on July 11. Six players took part. In the top half Kyle Haining was 1st. In the bottom half Mike Munsey and Breck Haining tied for 1st.

Bartron wins Firecracker Swiss - The Firecracker Swiss was held on the last three Friday nights in July with 12 players. The winners were: 1st Paul Bartron, 2nd was a tie between Larry Anderson, Ron Taylor and Carlos Olivencia with 2.0 each.

The Summer Quick game/15 was held on Aug. 5 with eight players. Winners were: 1st Steve Buck, 2nd Larry Anderson, 3rd Neil Naputo.

The Washington Senior Open, with just four players, was held on August 8th. The Senior Adult Champion for 2015 is Steve Buck, with 2nd shared between Paul Bartron and Bruce Gregg.

The TCC Summer Swiss was held on the last three Fridays in August with eight players. The winners were: 1st -2nd (tie) Paul Bartron and Tom Walker, 3rd Neil Naputo.

The long-running Tacoma Open was held on August 29th with ten players. Quad A was won by Viktors Pupols while quad B was won by Ralph Anthony.

Obituary - Daniel Reisinger, a three-year member of the club, passed away July 17th. He struggled with several health problems. Daniel served as V.P. and Librarian.

TCC Ratings as of 9/1/15 - See Gary at the club for a complete list. The highest rated is Master Mike MacGregor at 2205, followed by Experts Paul Bartron (2035) and Noah Fields (2035).

TCC Grand Prix participants as of July 4, 2015: Mike Munsey at 116.5 points held a wide lead over Steve Buck at 43.5 points.

See the NWC calendar, or attend a club meeting, for a schedule of remaining TCC events this year.

March 2015

The Valentine's Day Swiss was held at the club on the 1st three Friday nights in Feb. There were 13 members who showed up to play in this event. The winners were: 1st Tom Walker and 2nd Larry Anderson 2.5.

The Northwest Open was held on Saturday March 7. There were 12 players who were put into three separate quads. The winners were: Quad #1 Viktors Pupols 3.0. A young man named Silas Maclachlan 1270 wanted to play up into Quad 1 and seeing as I had an Expert enter late I moved him up. He played Viktors in R-3 and they played an exciting game that went down to the last second on the clock. Quad #2 Murlin Varner 2.5. Quad #3 Michael Munsey 2.0. Gary Dorfner was TD for these two events.

The Eastside Chess Championship #2 was held at the Burger King Restaurant in Issaquah on 3/14. There were 15 players - 3 adults and 12 kids playing in two sections. In the adult section there was a three-way tie. Mike Piper, Scott Piper and Don Becker finished with 2 points each. They played a blitz match and Mike Piper was 1st, Scott Piper was 2nd and Don Becker was 3rd. They each won a trophy. In the Scholastic Section Kyle Lane was 1st, Yusuf Badran was 2nd and John Vandenbos (shown in photo) was 3rd. They each won a trophy. Gary Dorfner was TD.

February 2015

The Tacoma Chess Club reopened December 5th of last year after a two-month hiatus. (The first game at the new site between Steve Buck and Ben Pettijohn ended in a draw.) The club is now at The Portland Ave Community Center, 3513 Portland Ave, Tacoma 98404. See

Our first new tournament was the 2014 Club Championship. Winners were: 1st Mike MacGregor 4.5, 2nd-3rd Paul Bartron and Tom Walker 3.5, Class B Larry Anderson 3.0, Class D/E Ron Taylor. Our senior champion is Gary Dorfner and junior champion is Noah Fields. Upset prizes were awarded for R-2 Tom Walker, R-3 Steve Buck and R-5 Bill Rogers.

The Christmas Congress was held at the Fife Library on 12/20. See the Dec. 2014 report.

The New Year G/30 as held on 1/23 with eight players. Winners were: 1st Tom Walker and Steve Buck 3.0, 2nd Paul Bartron, Ben Pettijohn and Larry Anderson with 2.0.

At the annual membership meeting the following officers were elected for 2015:
President - Steve Buck
V.P. / Sergeant-At-Arms - Paul Bartron
Secretary - Vivi Bartron
Treasurer - Mike MacGregor
TD - Gary Dorfner
Publicity / Webmaster - Tom Walker