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2014 TACOMA CHESS TIMES by Gary Dorfner

December 2014

The Christmas Congress was held at the Fife Library on Dec. 20. As there were only four players the tournament was done as a quad. Victor Pupols was 1st with 3.0, Arjun Thomas was 2nd with 1.5, Steve Buck finished 3rd with 1.0 and Ralph Anthony was 4th with 0.5. TD was Gary Dorfner.

September 2014

The club moved out of the DTI Soccer Bldg. location on Saturday, September 27.

May-June 2014

Five events were held recently through the Tacoma Chess Club and Paul Bartron won four of them without a defeat, giving up only a couple of draws.

The five-round Pierce County Championship was held at the club each Friday night in April plus the first Friday in May. Paul Bartron took first and defended his 2013 title. Thirteen members participated and the winners were: 1st Paul Bartron with 4.5, 2nd Joseph Lazarus 4.0, 3rd Tom Walker 3.0, Class B Steve Buck 2.5, Class C Rich Sewell 3.0, Class D Bill Rogers 2.5, Class E Archie Escobido 2.0, and the Pierce County Senior Champion Mike Mellott 2.0.

The Pierce County Open was held on May 10 with nine players. The winners were: 1st-2nd H.G. Pitre and Steve Buck with 3.0, winning $60.00 each, Class B Jerome Buroker and Ralph Anthony 2.5, $25.00 each, Class C Rich Sewell 2.0 $25.00 and Class E James Hulslander III 1.5 $25.00.

The TCC May Swiss was held on May 23rd with 10 players. Winners were 1st-2nd Paul Bartron and Steve Buck 2.5 each, 3rd-4th Tom Walker and Rich Sewell 2.0 each.

The Evergreen Empire Open was held on June 7th. With just six players, the winners were: 1st Paul Bartron, 3.0 winning $100.00, 2nd / Class A and B H.G. Pitre, Joe Kiiru and Arjun Thomas 1.5 $41.66 each.

The Tacoma City Championship was held on Friday nights through June. Fifteen players took part and the winners were 1st Paul Bartron with a perfect 5.0, 2nd Larry Anderson 4.0, 3rd Paul Buchignani 3.5, Class A Tom Walker 3.0, Class B Steve Buck 3.0, Class C Bill Rogers 2.0, Class D Mike Mellott 2.0, and Class E Archie Escobido 2.0. Certificates were awarded for this event and the Pierce County Championship. The tournament director was Gary Dorfner.

January-April 2014

The 2014 Pierce County League was held at the club on the four Fridays in February with four 3-player teams. The first place team was the Crusaders with Paul Bartron, Larry Anderson and Gary Dorfner - 12.5 points. The second place team was the Warriors with Steve Buck, Rich Raymond and Mike Mellott - 9.5 points. Top Boards: Board 1 Tom Walker 3.5, Board 2 Rich Raymond 2.5, Board 3 Gary Dorfner 1.5. Prizes were certificates. TD was Gary Dorfner.

Two tournaments were organized and run by H.G. Pitre on the 2nd and 3rd weekends in March at the Tacoma Chess Club. The Saturday event was the Tacoma CC Semi-Class and had eleven players. Winners were: 1st Paul Bartron 3.5 $150.00, 2nd -3rd Mike MacGregor, Viktors Pupols & Alan Bishop 2.5 $70.00 each, 1st U1800 Robin Tu 2.5 $90.00, 2nd U1800 Mike Hasuike 2.0 $70.00, 3rd U1800 Stephen Buck and Ralph Anthony 1.5 $30.00 each. The Sunday event was the Tacoma CC March Open. This event drew ten players, seven of whom were also in the Saturday event. The winners were: 1st Paul Bartron, Alan Bishop and Naomi Bashkansky 3.0 $120.00 each, 1st U1800 Stephen Buck 2.5 $90.00, 1st U1400 Ron Taylor 1.0 $90.00, and best game prize by a non-prize winner Travis Olson $60.

The Spring Championship G/15 event was held on March 28 with 12 players. The winners were: 1st Paul Bartron 4.0, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Tom Walker, Mike Mellott & Archie Escobido 3.0 each.

The Daffodil Open was held on Saturday, April 19th with ten players. The winners were: 1st Paul Bartron 4 $44.00, 2nd Arjun Thomas 3.0 $24.00, U2000 James Nelson $30.00, and U1700 Ralph Anthony, Boas Lee & Rich Sewell 2.0 $10.00 each. TD for both events was Gary Dorfner.

A Membership Blitz was started in January. Letters were sent to a large number of former members and followed up with emails and phone calls.