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2013 TACOMA CHESS TIMES by Gary Dorfner

September-October 2013

The 2013 Tacoma Chess Club Championship was held at the club in October. There were 16 members participating. In R-3 Paul Bartron (2049) drew Tom Walker (1856). In R-4 Paul Bartron beat Mike MacGregor (2217). Bill Rogers (1386) beat Ben Pettijohn (1700). The overall winners were: 1st Paul Bartron 4.5, 2nd Tom Walker 4.0, 3rd Mike MacGregor and Joseph Lazarus 3.5. Class A (None); Class B 1st Larry Anderson 3.5, 2nd Ben Pettijohn 2.5; Class C (None); Class D 1st Mike Mellott 3.0, 2nd Bill Rogers 3.0; Class E 1st Ron Taylor 2.0, 2nd Frank Spicer 1.0; TCC Jr. Champion Travis Spicer 0.5. At the TCC Sr. Adult Champion Rich Sewell was the winner. The runner up (2nd) was Steve Buck. Upsets: R-1 None, R-2 Amigo, R-3 Tom Walker, R-4 Paul Bartron, R-5 Ron Taylor. TD was Gary Dorfner. Photo: MacGregor vs. Bartron.

Puyallup Fair Booth Report by Bill Rogers. The 2013 Washington State Fair began on Friday Sept. 6th and continued until Sunday Sept. 22. Chess was very much a part of the activities at the hobby hall. This was the third consecutive year that the Tacoma Chess Club had a table for chess play each day of the Fair. Two large plastic chess sets were set up for active play for all fair goers who wanted to engage in a game or to get a free chess lesson. The booth was initially arranged by Bill and Suzanna Rogers on the premise “if we build it they will come.” The Fair gives us the opportunity to interest people in chess and to become new members of the club. Chess play for the most part is unsupervised allowing people to play a game of chess with their friends. During the evening hours from 5:00-10:00 p.m. Bill and Suzanna gave special attention to those wishing to learn the royal game. The following members of the Tacoma Chess Club gave at least three hours or more of their time at the chess booth playing games of chess with fair goers: Gary Dorfner, Paul and Vivi Bartron, Joseph Lazarus, Steve Buck, Arjun Thomas, Rich Sewell, Frank and Travis Spicer and Mike MacGregor. Photo: Gary Dorfner at the Fair.

August 2013

The following events were held at the Tacoma Chess Club in August, a busy month for tournaments at the club.

The Summer Swiss was held on August 2 with ten entries. Paul Bartron came in first with a perfect 4 out of 4 while Tom Walker and Steve Buck came in second with 3 points each.

The Summer Quads were held on August 9 with two quads of four players each. Winners were: 1st Quad First Place - Tom Walker with 3 out of 3. Tom beat Paul Bartron in R-2. 2nd Quad First Place - Steve Buck with 2.5. Steve (1643) gave up a draw to Mike Mellott (1272).

The TCC Summer Quick was held on August 16 with ten players. Three players tied for first: Paul Bartron, Tom Walker and Larry Anderson each scored 2.5 out of 3. Bartron and Anderson drew in R-1 while Walker had a bye.

The Tacoma Open was held August 17. 10 players showed up for this event and the winners were: 1st Place - Paul Bartron 3.5, $37.00; 2nd / U1400 Noah Fields and Jason Fike 3 points and $26.50 each; Under 2000 - Arjun Thomas 2.5, $30.00 and Under 1700 - August Piper 2.5, $30.00. Photo: Arjun Thomas vs. Paul Bartron at the Tacoma Open.

On August 23 the End of Summer Quick was held. There were 12 players and the winners were Paul Bartron and Tom Walker with 3.5 points each and 2nd Arjun Thomas with 3 points.

On August 24 the Washington Senior Adult Championship was held at the club with eight players. The winners were: 1st - Paul Bartron (the 2012 defending Champion) with 3.5 points, $50.00 and plaque; 2nd - Viktors Pupols 3 points, $40.00; U2000 Mark Smith 2.5, $30.00 and U1700 James Nelson and August Piper 1 point with $15.00 each. The Washington Chess Federation was the sponsor. Photo at left: Paul Bartron is the Washington Adult Senior Champion again. Paul had a win with Victors and a draw with David Rupel. Photo at right: Viktors Pupils and David Rupel play at The Washington Senior Adult Championship.

Finally, on August 30, the August Quick was held with 12 players. The winners were: 1st - Paul Bartron 4 points, 2nd - Tom Walker 3 points, 3rd – Joseph Lazarus, Steve Buck and Gary Dorfner 2.5 each. Gary Dorfner directed these events.

June 2013

The Tacoma City Championship was held on all four Friday nights in June. The winners were: 1st Tom Walker and Joseph Lazarus 3.5 each, 2nd Paul Bartron 3.0, Class B Steve Buck 3.0, Class C Rich Sewell 2.0, Class D Bill Rogers 2.0, Class E Ron Taylor 1.0, Tacoma City Jr. Champ Travis Spicer 1.5. They all received certificates. Photo: Ron Taylor and Travis Spicer playing at the club.

The Evergreen Open was held on June 29. There were seven players in this event. The winners were: 1st Mike MacGregor 4.0 $27.00, 2nd Viktors Pupols and Bryce Tiglon 2.5 $8.00 each, 1st U2000/U1700 Steve Buck, Peter Grant and Ralph Anthony 1.5 $14.00 each. Photo: Action at the Evergreen Open.

May 2013

The May Day Quads was held at the club on Friday, May 17th. Because there were only six players, it was run as a Swiss. Four players shared first place with 2 each. They were Tom Walker, Larry Anderson, Steve Buck and Bill Rogers.

The Pierce County Open was held on May 18th. Nine players participated. The winners were: 1st Patrick Van Dyke 3.5 $34.00, 2nd Paul Bartron 3.0 $20.00, 1st U2000 Steve Buck 2.5 $27.00, 1st U1700 Ralph Anthony 1.0 $27.00, 1st U1400 Lebron Sims 0.5 $27.00. Photo: Victors Pupols (L) playing Marcell Szabo (R).

The Woodpusher Open was held on Friday night May 31st. There were nine players in all. The winners were 1st Paul Bartron and Tom Walker 3.5 each, 2nd Peter Prichard, Joseph Lazarus and Steve Buck 2.0 each.

April 2013

The Pierce County Championship was held at the club on the five Friday nights in April with 17 players participating. The winners were: 1st Paul Bartron, 2nd Tom Walker, 3rd Joseph Lazarus, 1st U2000 David Eva, 1st U1700 Rich Sewell, 1st U1400 Amigo, Pierce County Sr. Champ Steve Buck. Each winner received a certificate.

The Daffodil Open was held on Saturday, April 8. Nine players showed up for this event. The winners were: 1st Paul Bartron 3.0 $33.75, 2nd/U2000 James Colasurdo and Matthew Nill 2.5 $23.50 each, U 1700 Ralph Anthony 2.0 $27.00.

TD for all of the above events was Gary Dorfner.

February 2013

The Winter Open was held at the Tacoma Dome on Jan. 19 as part of the “Let's Play Event.” There were 8 players in all. The winners were: 1st Paul Bartron 4.0 $45.00, 2nd Samuel Echaure $3.0 $35.00, 3rd Stephen Chase 2.5 $15.00.

The New Year Mini-Swiss was held on the 1st three Friday nights In January. There were 14 players in all. The winners were: 1st Tom Walker 3.0, 2n Joseph Lazarus & Steve Buck 2.5 each, 3rd Paul Bartron & Daniel Reisinger 2.0 each.

The Ground Hog Mini-Swiss was held at the club on Feb. 2nd. Six players participated in this event. The winners were: 1st Top Half Paul Bartron 3.0 $30.00, 1st Bottom Half Eric Woodlief, Murlin Varner & Ralph Anthony 1.0 $10.00 each.

TD for all three of these events Gary Dorfner.

January 2013

The general membership meeting was Friday night Jan. 25th at 8:30 pm.

Agenda: Minutes from last meeting, Financial report, Tournament report, Membership report, Other officer reports. New Business: Results from survey conducted last Oct., New computer for club to replace one that was stolen last fall, Elections, Special membership for services rendered, Patriot membership for 1 year for $20.00. Other items: promoting the club & events, membership blitz, things aimed at the kids.

New club officers: {See club page for current list.}

Mike MacGregor is the 2012 Tacoma Chess Club Champion. Mike successfully defended his title for the 2nd year in a row. He won all 7 rounds of the TCC Championship and he won the Oyster Bay Classic 4-0. He also tied for 1st in the Oregon Open with 4.5.

Club members on Grand Prix list:

  # of Events Points
Steve Buck 16 100.0
Paul Bartron 7 76.0
James Wang 9 54.5
Joe Kiiru 5 47.0
Drayton Harrison 3 29.0
David Eva 3 13.5
Noah Fields 2 8.0
Gary Dorfner 2 3.0
Mike MacGregor 2 ?