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2012 TACOMA CHESS TIMES by Gary Dorfner

December 2012

The Christmas Congress was held at the club on Dec. 8-9. 8 players showed up to play in this event. The winners were: 1st Alan Bishop 3.5 $30.00, 2nd/U2000 Viktors Pupols and Jothi Ramesh 3.0 $21.00 each, U1700 Ralph Anthony 2.0 $24.00, U1400 Neil Chowdhury 2.0 $24.00. TD Gary Dorfner.

February-April 2012

The Clark Harmon Memorial was held at the Seattle Chess Club April 13-15. 29 players showed up to participate in this event, 12 in the Open and 17 in the Reserve. The winners were: Open, 1st Peter Lessler 4.5, $110.00, 2nd /U2100 Viktors Pupols and Samuel e 3.5, $65.00 each. U1900 Gary Edwards and Joseph Kiiru 2.5, $27.50 each. Reserve, 1st Alan Walk 4.5. $90.00, 2nd Stephen Buck 4.0 $75.00, U1600 Davey Jones and Jothi Ramesh 3.5, $22.00 each, U1400 Josh Yokela 3.5 $44.00, U1200 Aditya Kannan 2.5, $44.00. TD Fred Kleist.

The Daffodil Open was held at the Tacoma Chess Club on 3/31. There were 8 players in all. The winners were: Top Half 1st Joseph Kiiru 3.5, $30.00, 2nd Paul Bartron 3.0, $20.00. Bottom Half 1st Stephen Buck 3.0, $30.00, 2nd Thomas Parrish 1.5, $20.00.

The TCC Mini Swiss was held at the club on 4/28. Only 5 players showed up for this event. The winners were: Top Half 1st Paul Bartron 3.0, $20.00, 2nd Stephen Buck 2.0, $12.00, Bottom Half 1st David Eva 3.5 $18.00, 2nd Aaryan Deshpande 1.5 $10.00.

The TD for these two TCC events was Gary Dorfner.

Scholastic Events:

The Washington State Girls Championship was held at the Redmond Library. Nine girls showed up to participate in this event. The winners were: 1st Becca Lampman 3.5, 2nd Sarah May 3.0, 3rd Sangeeta Dhingra 2.5, 4th Naomi Bashkansky, 2.0, 5th Kate Arustamian 2.0. They were each awarded a trophy. Becca plans to play in the All-Girls National Championship in Chicago. The TD was WCF scholastic director David Hendricks.

The Washington Tournament of Champions was held at the Seattle Chess Club on 4/7. There were 32 players in all, 11 in the K-3 Section and 21 in the 4-6 Section. The winners were: K-3, 1st Andreas Farny 4-0, Leschi Elem. 2nd George Michailov 3-1, Audubon Elem. 4-6, 1st Kyle Haining 4-0 Ridgecrest Elem., 2nd Jan Buzek 3-0 Lowell Elem.

The Washington Elementary Championship was held in Pasco on 4/28. There were 769 players who traveled to Eastern Washington to play in this event. Section (K) 60, Winners 1st Eric Zhang 4.5 Endeavour, 2nd Jason Yu 4.5 Open Window School. Section 1 (69) 1st Jason Zhang 5.0 Snoqualmie Springs, 2nd Alex Beck 4.0 St Patricks. Section 2 (112) 1st George Michailov 5.0 Audubon, 2nd Aditya Singh 5.0 Bellevue Childrenís Acad. Section 3 (151) 1st Andreas Farny 5.0 Leschi, 2nd Asher Thakur 5.0 Bear Creek. Section 4 (165) 1st Arjun Thomas 5.0 St. Alphonses Parish School, 2nd Jeffery Yan 5.0 Endeavour. Section 5 (140) 1st Benjamin Brusniak 5.0 St. Johnís, 2nd Roland Feng 5.0 Thurgood Marshall. Section 6 (72) 1st Kyle Haining 5.0 Ridgecrest, 2nd James Wang 4.0 Charles Wright Acad.

January 2012

The club has moved into a new room on the 2nd floor. It is a bigger room and it is quieter, no more train noise. We hope you will come down and check it out. Also try our new website in progress, Don't forget the Tacoma Open on Saturday January 28. On Friday Jan. 27 the club will be holding its annual membership meeting and election of officers. We have a number of important issues on the agenda: 1. Financial report; Mike MacGregor; 2. Membership, tournament, club activities; Gary Dorfner; 3. Library; Gary Dorfner and Dan Reisinger; 4. Chess club promotional booths; Gary Dorfner; 5. New club web page: Joseph Lazarus. We need to do long range planning for the entire year. We need as many of you to attend as possible so we can throw a number of ideas out on to the floor and get your thoughts and ideas on them. It is important to know what you the members want to see the club doing. We have a suggestion box on the desk by the door. Please write down any ideas and/or suggestions and put them in the box and the board will study them at each meeting. If anyone is interested in running for an office, please let us know. We also have some appointed offices we need to fill as well. We tried to do a number of things last year but a number of them did not work out because of lack of interest on the part of the membership. We need your help if we are going to be able to build our membership and our tournament attendance back up to what they once were.