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Northwest Chess Press Release 2008-06

November 7, 2008

Washington State Chess Hall of Fame Committee Established

The Washington Chess Federation is pleased to announce the formation of the Washington State Chess Hall of Fame Committee. The committee will come up with rules for how to chose people to be included and how many. Russell Miller of Camas is Chairman of the committee with Gary Dorfner as a member. Others who would like to be a member of the committee are asked to contact Russell Miller (e-mail: or s-mail: 1151 NW 7th Ave., Camas WA 98607-1803. Some of Russell's ideas are to have two types: players and organizers / promoters / tournament directors, have a plaque made with the names of awardees, and place that plaque somewhere in the state, maybe the Maryhill Museum near Goldendale.

How long should one be active in chess to be considered? How should the committee vote on who to honor and should the WCF officers be a part of the voting? Other chess groups have set up Halls of Fame and the rules they used are being researched. Researching information about the Hall of Fame members will be done and a booklet printed to give out at the plaque site. Also the information will be posted on the Internet.

Submitted by Russell Miller.