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2014 Washington Open

May 24-26, 2014 in Seattle, WA

$7,000 in prizes based on 170 entries!

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Report by Gary Dorfner

The 2014 Washington Open was held on May 24-26 at the North Seattle Community College. 168 players showed up to participate in this event. They came from as far away as Medford, N.Y., St. Paul, Minn., Idaho, Oregon and British Columbia.

The winners were:

Open Section
1st Roland Feng 6.0 $700.00, 2nd Ignacio Perez 5.0 $550.00, 3rd-5th Georgi Orlov, Tian Sang and Josh Sinanan 4.5 $266.67 each. 1st-3rd U2150 Jason Kenney, Ethan Bashkansky and Dakota Dixon 4.0 $250.00 each, 4th U2150 Sarah May, Micah Smith and Gabriel Tafalla 3.5 $33.33 each.

Premier Section
1st Justin Yu 5.0 $300.00, 2nd-4th Michael Hosford, Joseph Kiiru and Fred Davis 4.5 $225.00 each, 5th/1st U1850 Travis Olson and Robert Allen 4.0 $175.00 each, 2nd-4th U1850 Aaron Nicoski, Tim Campbell and Jeff Roland 3.5 $125.00 each.

Reserve Section
1st David Hendricks 5.5 $250.00, 2nd-5th/1st-2nd U1550 Chris Sherry, Brumas Newstead, Jacob Mayer, Richard Yang, Artem Verdiyan and Ishaan Puri 4.5 $150.00 each, 34d U1550 Brock Grassy IV
4.0 $100.00, 4th U1550 Paul Buchignani and Max Dixon $50.00 each.

Booster Section
1st Shawn Archer 5.5 $200.00, 2nd-3rd Jason Esposito and Addison Lee 5.0 $137.50 each, 1st U1100 George Michailov 4.5 $120.00, 4th-5th/2nd U1100 Rick Nicoski, Wade McCorkle, Oscar Petrov, Aniruddha
and Ethan Hu 4.0 $51.00 each, 1st Unr. Krish Jain 3.0 $120.00, 2nd Unr. Luke LaRocque and Raghav Puri 2.5 $40.00 each. TDs were Fred Kleist and Gary Dorfner.

Side Events:

1st Ignacio Perez 10.0 $90.00, 2nd Anthony He 7.5 $72.00, 3rd/1st U2000 Yaman Tezcan and Derek Zhang 6.5 $45.00 each, 1st U1700 Man Tran Quang, Peiqi Jiang, Jacob Mayer and James Lai 4.0 $36.00, 1st U1200/Unr. Rushaan Mahajan 2.0 $36.00.

G/30 Championship
1st Joel Bowen, 2nd Ryan Cho, 3rd Drayton Harrison, 4th Beatrice Archer. They each won a trophy. TD for both events was Gary Dorfner.

Scholastic Section:

K-3 U800 1st Zhimon Wang 5.0, 2nd-3rd Henry Adams, Beatrice Archer and Eric Zhang 3.5 each.
K-3 Open 1st Ryan Clark 5.0, 2nd-3rd Jeff Kou and Robert Michailov 4.0.
4-6 Open 1st Gerald Shaffer 5.0, 2nd-3rd Karen Haining and Kyle Zhang 4.0 each.
7-12 Open 1st Nicholas Whale 4.0, 2nd Ethan Bogolyubov 3.5, Stefan Arsov 3.0. They each won a trophy.

Team Winners
1st APP at Lincoln, 10.0
2nd Seattle Country Day, 9.0
3rd Tops at Seward, 8.5

David Hendricks was the TD for this event.