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2014 Washington Class Championships and Thanksgiving Scholastic

The 2014 Washington Class Championships were held at the Embassy Suites Seattle North/Lynnwood on Thanksgiving weekend, Nov. 28-30. There were 172 players participating in this event. (Reported by Gary Dorfner.)

The winners were:

Master Class 1st Nick Raptis, Ore. State Champion 5.0, 2nd/3rd/1st U2300 Tian Sang, Tanraj and Roland Feng 4.5 each, 2nd U2300 Nat Koons and Josh Sinanan 4.0 each.

Expert Class 1st/2nd Paul Bartron and Ben Brusniak 4.0 each, 3rd/1st U2100 Micah Smith and Brendan Zhang 3.5 each, 2nd U2100 Anthony He 2.5.

Class A 1st Justin Yu 5.0, 2nd Michael Hosford 4.5, 3rd/1stU1900 Paul Leblanc and H.G. Pitre 4.0 each, 2nd/U1900 Travis Olson and Pratik Padhi 3.5 each.

Class B 1st Neal Bonrud 4.5, 2nd/3rd/1st U1700 Robin Tu, Naomi Bashkanskt and Brian Sullivan 4.0 each, 2nd U1700 Ralph Anthony,Ishaan and Andreas Farny 3.5 each.

Class C 1st and 2nd Murlin Varner and Eugene Chin 5.0 each, 3rd Addison Lee and Mike Hasuike 4.5 each, 1st U1500 Allistair Yu 4.5, 2nd U1500 Cheyenne Zhang and Alec Beck 4.0 each.

Class D 1st Joshua Lewis-Sandy 4.5, 2nd Breck Haining 4.0, 3rd/1st U1300 Andrew Ma and Andrew Smith 3.5 each, 2nd U1300 Aditya Singh and Stephen Weller 3.0 each.

Class E 1st/2nd/3rd/1st U1000 Charith Sunku, Scott Wynn, Sam Deng and Ethan Wu 5.0 each, 1st U 1800/Unrated Andrew Jiang, Andrew Borthwick and Tarik Kameric 3.0 each.

TDs for this event; Fred Kleist and Gary Dorfner.

Scholastic Side Event

There were 126 kids participating in this event on Nov. 28. Some of them also played in the main event as well.

The winners were:

K-3 U800 1st Nathan Race 5.0, 2nd Denman Hertz 4.5, 3rd/4th/5th Advaith Vijayakumer and Brian Huh, Srisha Prasanna 4.0 each.

4-6 U900 1st Terence Sinn 5.0, 2nd/3rd/4th Stella Moore, Sherri Xu and Richie Uthaisombut 4.0 each, 5th Justin Lee and Ben Lin 3.5 each.

K-3 Open 1st Brandon Peng 5.0, 2nd Miles Kuipers 4.0, 3rd/4th Anirudh Rajesh and Robert Michailov 3.5 each, 5th Asher Bradshaw, Sophie Szeto, Andy Tien, Brandon Jiang and Aaryan Dhingra 3.0 each.

4-6 Open 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th Dylan Xu, Aakash Banerji, Toby Black, Jack Little and Krish Jain 4.0 each.

7-12 Open 1st Nicholas Whale 4.5, 2nd/3rd/4th Jakey Snyder, Tudor Muntianu and Daniel Wilke 4.0 each, 5th Ryan Cho, Chris Hom, Harrison Keyser and Emily Tang 3.0 each.

Team Standings: 1st APP At Lincoln, 2nd Shelton View Elementary, 3rd Somerset, 4th Redmond, 5th Seattle Country Day.

TD for this event was David Hendricks.

See flyer. See USCF crosstables.

Photos of Thanksgiving Scholastic courtesy of Gary Dorfner (click to enlarge):