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2011 Washington Elementary Chess Championship

2011 Washington Elementary Championship held April 30 at Tacoma Convention Center. By Russell Miller.

From information found at the following data was compiled. Tournament directors listed were Southcote-Want and Stensland. The order of finish listed below might not be the tie-break order used at the tournament for trophies. 1,130 players took part plus 45 in the "I Love Chess 2" sections.

Kindergarten 102 Players
Stanley Zhong 5-0 Cherry Crest School Bellevue

1st Grade 90 Players
Neil Chowdhury 5-0 Somerset Elem. Bellevue
Aryan Deshanded 5-0 Stevenson Elem. Bellevue
Jaden Zhang 5-0 Lowell Elem. Bellingham

2nd Grade 180 Players
Freya Gulamali 5-0 Bellevue Children Acad. Bellevue
Omakar Shetti 5-0 Challenger Elem. Everett
Richard Yang 5-0 Spiritridge Elem. Bellevue

3rd Grade 238 Players
Derek Zhang 5-0 Spiritridge Elem Bellevue
Michael Han 5-0 Apollo Elem. Issaquah
Jan Buzek 5-0 View Ridge Elem Everett
Michelangelo Barozzi 5-0 Open Window School Bellevue

4th Grade 194 players
Roland Feng 5-0 Thurgood Marshall Elem. Seattle
Bryce Tiglon 5-0 Louisa Alcott Elem. Redmond
Brendan Zhang 5-0 Creekside Elem. Issaquah
Zothi Ramesh 5-0 Meridian Park Elem. Shoreline

5th Grade 196 players
Nathaniel Yee        5.0  Spiritridge Elem. School  Bellevue
Kyle Haining          5.0  Ridgecrest Elem. School  Shoreline
Sangeeta Dhingra    5.0  Louisa Alcott Elem. School  Redmond

6th Grade 130 Players
Samuel He             5.0  Thoreau Elem. School  Kirkland
Trevor Johnson      5.0 Home Schooled
Faris Gulamali       5.0 Stevenson Elem.  Bellevue

I Love Chess 2 Section One 33 players: Quinn Chow, Bush School Seattle 1st Grade and Jad Gorman, Epiphany Seattle 3rd Grade both 4.5-.5, they drew with each other.

I Love Chess 2 Section Two 12 players: Dorian Clay 5-0, Cherry Crest School, Bellevue 5th Grade.

2011 Washington Elementary Championship held April 30 at Tacoma Convention Center. By Gary Dorfner.

The Washington Elementary Individual Championship was held on Sat. April 30th at the Tacoma Convention Center. Kids from all over the state showed up to compete in this tournament. There were 1175 players in all, 90 In Grade 1, 180 in Grade 2, 238 in Grade 3, 194 in Grade 4, 196 in Grade 5, 130 in Grade 6, 102 in the K-Section and 33 in the I Love Chess ILC21-3 section and 12 in the ILC24-6 section. There were 146 schools represented in this event.

The winners were:
Grade 1
1st Neil Chowdhury          Somerset  Elementary            5 points
     Aryan Deshpande       Stevenson       “                     5 points  
     Jaden Zhang                 Lowell               “                 5 points
They were all undefeated.

Grade 2
1st Freya Gulamali             Bellevue Children’s Academy  5 points
Omkar Shetti                     Challenger  Elementary          5 points
Richard Yang                     Spiritridge         “                  5 points

Grade 3
Derek Zhang                     Spiritridge          “                          5 points
Michael Han                     Apollo                 “                          5 points
Jan Buzek                         View Ridge         “                          5 points
Michelangelo Barozzi         View Ridge         “                          5 points

Grade 4
1st Roland Feng               Thurgood       Elementary          5 points
Bryce Tiglon                     Louisa May Alcott    “               5 points
Brendon Zhang                Creekside                 “               5 points
Jothi Ramesh                   Meridian Park          “               5 points

Grade 5
Nathaniel Yee                Spiritridge                 “                  5 points
Kyle Haining                  Ridgecrest                 “                  5 points
Sangeeta Dhingra          Louisa May Alcott       “                  5 points

Grade 6
Samuel He                     Thoreau Elementary                 5 points
Trevor Johnson              Heritage Christian Academy      5 points
Faris Gulamali                Stevenson Elementary              5 points

1st Stan Zhong              Cherry Crest School                   5 points
2nd Andrew Streidl        Evergreen  Elementary              4.5 points
& Anthony He                Cedar Crest Academy                4.5 points

Team awards
Section 1-3
1st Spiritridge        Elementary                                 19 points
2nd Lowell                     “                                         17.5
3rd Open Window           “                                         16
4th Wedgwood               “                                         16
5th Soundview               “                                         15.5
Section 4-6
1st Spiritridge                “                                        17.5
2nd Lowell                      “                                        17
3rd Louisa May Alcott      “                                        17
4th Meridian Park            “                                       16.5
I Love Chess Section
ILC -1-3 Section
1st Quinn Chow             Bush School                           4.5
& Jad Gorman               Epiphany                               4.5
ICL-4-6 Section
1st Dorian Clay             Cherry Crest  Elementary            5           
2nd Nathan Lovitt          Downing          “                      3.5
They all received trophies and medals.

2011 Washington Bughouse Championship held April 29 at Tacoma Convention Center. By Gary Dorfner.

The Washington Bughouse Championship was held on April 29th at the Tacoma Convention Center. There were 42 teams, 14 in the K-3 section and 28 in the 4-6 section. The winning teams were:

In the K-3 section:
1st Vikram Ramasamy, Hellen Keller Elementary,
     Fred Smolak,             Samantha Smith   “     10 points
2nd Karen Haining          Ridgecrest            “
      Liam Reis                  Rock Creek         “     7 points
3rd Kavi Singh                 Redmond             “
     Jordan Price              Redmond              “     
    Logan Gnanapragasam   Meridian Park   “      6 points
    Julien Goldstick         Meridian   Park     “      6 points         
In the 4-6 Section:
1st (tied) Kanish Puri    Evergreen             “      8 points 
Nicolo Gelb                   Lakeside               “
1st (tied) Kyle Haining    Ridgecrest           “      
Jothi  Ramesh              Meridian  Park        “       8 points
1st (tied) Coley Fannin    Charles Wright Academy  
Noah Fields                      “               “           “   8 points
Prizes were trophies and medals.

2011 Washington Middle School Individual Championship

2011 Washington Middle School Championship by Russell Miller.
The Washington Middle School Individual Championship was held on Apr 30, 2011 at Tacoma, WA, same time and place as the Washington Elementary. The TD was Stensland. The open section was won by home-schooled 9th grader Sarah May of Vancouver with 4.5-.5. 2nd was Nicolo Gelb, an 8th grader at Lakeside Middle School in Seattle, with 4-1. 20 players took part in that section. Another clear winner in the Section MS Reserve with 37 players was Cameron Blecha with 5-0. He is an 8th grader at Horizon Middle School. And yet another clear winner in the Middle School Individual Champ. Section MS U1000 of 25 players with a 5-0 score was Christopher Pyles, a home-schooled 7th grader. There were a total of 82 players in the three sections. Full crosstables can be found at from which the above information was compiled by Russell Miller.
2011 Washington Middle School Championship by Gary Dorfner.

The Washington State Jr. High/Middle School Individual Championship was held at the convention center on Sat. 4/1 and the Open Section was held at the hotel across the street  on Sun. 5/1. There were 87 players in all, 22 in the Open Section, 38 in the Reserve Section and 27 in the Under 1000 Section. The winners were:

Open Section
1st Sarah May  4.5  $100.00. Sara had to battle Becca Lampman in the last round for 1st place.
2nd Nicolo Gelb 4 points $70.00
3rd Mayhul Arora & Andrew Porisch 3.5 $35.00 each.

Reserve Section
1st Cameron Blecha 5 points
2nd Will Spencer, Billy Aho & Brian Julian 4 points each. Aho lost to Spencer in R-5. Had he won he would have tied for 1st.

Under 1000 Section
1st Christopher Pyles 5 points. Pyles beat Lam in R-3 and then Moore in R-5 to Finish 1st.
2nd Ian Richards 4.5
3rd Patrick Lam & Tyler Moore 4 points each.

Winners in the Reserve and Under 1000 each received trophies and medals.
Sarah May                 Home Schooled
Nicolo Gelb                Lakeside Middle
Mayhul Arora             Odle           “
Andrew Porisch          Odle           “
Cameron Blecha         Horizon      “
Will Spencer              The Overlake School
Billy Aho                    Horizon Middle
Brian Julian               Charles Wright Academy
Christopher Pyles       Home Schooled
Ian Richards              Onalaske Elementary/Middle
Patrick Lam               Vanesselt School
Tyler Moore               Twin Falls Middle

2011 Washington/Hoyt Elementary Tournament

2011 Washington/Hoyt Elementary Tournament by Gary Dorfner.

This tournament was held at Mason Jr. High/Middle School on 4/16. There were 76 players in all, 35 in the K-3 Section, 22 in the 406 U900 Section, 15 in the 4-6 Open and 4 in the 7 - Adult Section.
The winners were:

K-3 Section
1st Ramiro Ibarra              St. Charles Borromeo         5 points
2nd Peyton Crossley           New Hope Christian           4 points
   Jahan Bains                    Charles Wright Academy    4 points
   Marc McNamee               Camas Elementary             4 points
Ibarra beat Crossley in R-4, his only loss.

4-6 U900
1st Dustin Lirazan           New Hope Christian            5 points
2nd Ethan Carlson           Northwood Elem.                4 points
3rd Nicholas Mooney       Northwood Elem.                 3.5 points
Chase Crossley               New Hope Christian             3.5 points         
Carlson lost to Lirazan in R-2, his only loss.

4-6 Open
1st Elias Simon               New Hope Christian             5 points
& Ryan Ratliff                 New Hope Christian             5 points
2nd Maxwell Lence         Home Schooled                     4 points
Lance lost to Simon in R-1.

1st Kuljit Bains              Charles Wright Academy     2.5 points
2nd Todd Damish           Adult                                 2    points
There were only 4 players in this section, and it was run as a quad.

Team Standings
1st St. Charles Borromeo             14.5
2nd Camas Prairie                       13
3rd New Hope Christian               12.5
4th Washington/Hoyt                  10
1st New Hope Christian              18.5
2nd Northwood                           13.5
3rd Wash./Hoyt                           9
4th Sakai                                     6