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2011 Washington Open

May 28-30, 2011 in Renton, WA

$7,500 in guaranteed prizes!!

Crosstables are available on the USCF website (, event ID 201105304001.

Short format reports
As reported by WCF President Josh Sinanan, "IM Georgi Orlov won the Open section with 5.5/6, only giving up one draw to FM Nick Raptis in the first round. The sections were evenly split with 40-45 players (of about 170 total) in each one." Rusty Miller adds, "Open Section of 2011 Washington Open had 44 players and was won by IM Georgi Orlov with 5.5-0.5. Tied for 2nd-4th at 4.5-1.5 were Slava Mikhailuk, Joshua Sinanan and Steve Breckenridge. The Premier Section of 43 players had a 1st place tie at 5-1 by Daniel He and Peter Watts. The Reserve Section had 45 players and clear winner Nathaniel Yee. The only perfect score was in the booster section, done by Ankush Puri over 44 other players. Fred Kleist and Gary Dorfner were the main tournament directors." See some amateur videos on YouTube from Randy Kaech's son Stone.
Long format report by Gary Dorfner

The annual Washington Open was held at the Holiday Inn Seattle in Renton, WA on Memorial Day weekend. There were 177 entries in all. 44 in the Open, 43 in the Premier, 45 in the Reserve and 45 in the Booster. (The actual number of players was reported by Murlin Varner as 169; there are more entries because some players reenter and/or play a game in more than one section.)

The winners were:

Open Section

1st Georgi Orlov $900.00, 2nd-4th Slava Mikhailuk, Josh Sinanan & Steve Breckenridge $383.33 each, 5th Nick Raptis, Ignacio Perez, Viktors Pupols, Harley Greninger, Mike Pendergast & David Golub $33.33 each, 1st U2150 Mike Omori $350.00, 2nd-4th U2150 Paul Bartron, Yevgeniy Rozenfeld & Jason Cao $166.67 each. Megan Lee, Samir Sen & Alexandra Botez each won a medal.

Premier Section

1st-2nd Peter Watts & Dan He $325.00 each, 3rd-4th/1st U1850 David Bannon, James Nelson & Niccolo Gelb $216.67 each, 5th Sam He & Dan Phillips $75.00 each, 2nd-4th U1850 Bruce Swiney, Noah Fields & David Wen $116.67 each. Marcell Szabo, Kyle Haining & Jill Ding each won a medal.

Reserve Section

1st Nathaniel Yee $300.00, 2nd-4th/1st U1550 Anthony Lamb, Chris Baldwin, Joe Davis & Jeff Omori $193.75 each, 5th Dan Kramlich, Paul Buchignani & Darby Monahan $33.33 each, 2nd-3rd U1550 Evangeline Chang & Diallo Wilson $112.50 each, 4th U1550 Fred Davis, August Piper, Derek Zhang, Dillon Murray, Carl Dutton & Jason Yang $16.67 each. Medals went to James Soetedjo, Kevin Ma & Noah Yeo.

Booster Section

1st The only player in the tournament with a perfect 6-0 score Ankush Puri $250.00, 2nd with 5 points Jiangyu Li $150.00, 3rd-5th/1st-2nd U1100 Nicholas Teoh, Emanuel Chang, Trey Michaels, Max Dixon & Jan Buzek $100.00 each, 1st-2nd Unr. Kirill Filimonov $100.00 each. Joey Yeo,Terry Li & Pratik Padhi won medals.

TD’s Fred Kleist & Gary Dorfner.

Side Events

In the Game/10 (Top Half) 1st Nicholas Paleveda $50.00, 2nd Mike Murray $35.00, (Bottom Half) 1st James You $50.00, 2nd Alan Walk & Tianlu Peng $17.50 each.
TD Gary Dorfner. There were 11 players in all.

In the Blitz 1st Peter Watts $65.00, 2nd Nicholas Paleveda $52.00, 3rd Sloan Sedtiadukurnia $39.00, 1st U1800/1st U1600 Dillon Murray & Sangeeta Dhingra $26.00 each, 1st U1400/1st U1200 & Unr. Amith Vanmane, Pranav Sharan, Joey Yeo & Noah Yeo $13.00 each.
TD Dan Mathews. 13 players showed up for this event.

Scholastic Section

In the Scholastic section only 32 kids participated, 17 in the K-3 section & 15 in the 4-6 Section.

The winners were:

In the K-3 section 1st Sam Ariyevich 4.5, 2nd Maria Naess 4.0, 3rd Marc Huang 3.5,
4th Karen Haining, 5th Khushal Dhingra.

In the 4-6 Section 1st Kyle Haining 5.0, 2nd Pratik Padhi 4.0, 3rd Kirill Filimonov 3.5, 4th Sean Miller 3.0. They each won trophies. There were also medals awarded for various prizes. TD David Hendricks.

Team awards:
1st Ridgecrest Elementary          8.5
2nd Spiritridge Elementary         6.0
3rd Redmond Elementary            6.0
4th Sage Point Elementary          5.0
5th Jewish Day School Of Sea      5.0

Photos of Washington Open event courtesy of Gary Dorfner (click to enlarge):
TD David Hendricks congratulates Sam Ariyevich & Maria Naess,
winners in the K-3 scholastic section.

2011 Washington Senior Adult Championship

The Washington Senior Adult Championship was held at the Tacoma Chess Club on 6/4. 7 players age 50+ showed up for this event. TD Gary Dorfner played as a house man so that there would be a even number.

The winners were: 1st Paul Bartron & Pat Hessen who was also 1st U2000 $30.00 each, 1st U1700 Ernst Rasmussen $20.00, 1st U1400 Lebron Sims $20.00. Last year’s Champion Mark Smith had to bow out because of a bad cold.