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2011 National Chess Day (in Washington)

National Chess Day Report by Gary Dorfner

Sat. Oct. 8th was National Chess Day. There were only two events held in Washington State.

Mini Tornado was held at the Seattle Chess Club. Only eight players showed up. The winners were:
1st Top Half - David Bragg with 6 points, $50.00,
1st Bottom Half - Peiqi Jiang 5 points, $40.00.
TD Fred Kleist.

National Chess Day Bughouse Championship was held at Chess4Life in Bellevue, WA. There were eight two- player teams In all. 1st Asher/Eamon 13.0, 2nd Andrew/Peters 11.0, 3rd Aurther/Christopher 9.0.

A National Chess Day Blitz Championship was also held. There were 15 participants for this event. The winners were: 1st Gabriel 9.0, 2nd Allen 7.0 & Eamon 7.0 each, 3rd Asher, David 6.0 each. (I was only able to use 1st names as the TD did not put their last names on the cross tables.)