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2010 Washington Junior Open & Reserve

The 2010 Washington Junior Open & Reserve was held at Somerset Elementary School in Bellevue, WA on the MLK Day holiday (January 18). There were 197 kids in all, 47 in K-3 U800, 32 in 46 U800, 17 in K-3 U1200, 4-6 U1200, 5 7-12 U1200 and 66 in the Open section.

The winners were:

K-3 U800, 1st Ajay Pai 5-0, 2nd Karun Mokha, 3rd Michael Bi, 4th Kavi Singh, 5th Henry Zhu, 6th Nathan Ford 4-1 each.
Teams, 1ST Blackwell, 2nd Puesta Del Sol.

4-6 U800, 1st Justin Cabanos 5-0, 2nd Andrew Williams, 3rd Marcus Peng, 4th Zachary Ruble, 5th Will Merrill, 6th Alex Elevathingal 4-1 each. Teams, 1st Puesta Del Sol.

K-3 U1200 1st Benjamin Jee 4.5, 2nd Andrew Yuen 4-1, 3rd Jacob Zhang, 4th Colin Tang, 5th Timmy Wang 3.5 each.
Teams, 1st Stevenson.

4-6 U1200, 1st Jordan Lam 4.5, 2nd Trevor Christensen, 3rd Olga Cherepakhin, 4th Sean Burzynski, 4-1 each.
Teams, 1st Somerset, 2nd Puesta Del Sol, 3rd Stevenson.

7-12 U1200 1st Trey Ascheman 5-0, 2nd Jimmy Andrus 4-1, 3rd Charlie Merrill 3-2.

Open Section, 1st Igor Ummel, 2nd Abinav Viswanather, They were both 4-0. Ummel won the playoff round for 1st. 3rd Roland Fang, 4th Aviv Caspi, 5th Kate Tokareva, 6th Samuel He, 3.5 each.

TD, David Hendricks. Photos of some of the winners:

2010 Washington High School Individual Championship

The Washington High School Individual Championship was held on January 30, 2010 at Lakeside High School in Shoreline. There were 91 players in all. Alex Guo, 5-0, won the Open section. He will represent Washington at the Denker Tournament this August. Other winners were: 2nd Michael Omori, 3rd Thomas Witecki, Ryan Ackerman, 4-1 each. In the Reserve section 1st William Vanderveen 4.5, 2nd David DeFrates, 3rd Andrew Thatcher, 4th Travis Olson, 5th Conor Bronsdon 4-1 each.

TD, Randy Walther.