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2010 Washington Hoyt PTA Challenge

The Washington Hoyt PTA Challenge was held at Mason Middle School. There were 128 players in all, 7 in the K section, 41 in the 1-3 U800 section, 52 in the 4-6 Section, 24 in the 1-6 Open section and 4 in the 7-Adult Open section.

The winners were:


  • K section; 1st Rico Ibarra 4.5, 2nd Matt Saffari 4.0
  • 1-3 U800 section 1st Dane Helle 5-0, 2nd-6th Evan Smith, Raghav, Agrawal, Joey Manza, Madison Howell, Toren Herrick 4-1
  • 4-6 U800 section 1st Nicolas Bodge 5-0, 2nd-8th Nathan Samanmit, Pat Mooney, Dante Springsteen, Nathan Ossiander, Tyler Johnson, Phillip Springsteen, Landon Ebarb 4-1
  • 1-6 Open section 1st Noah Fields 5-0, 2nd-3rd Coley Fannin and Logan Howell 4-0
  • 7-Adult section 1st-2nd Kuljit Bains and Trey Ascheman 5-0


  • K section, 1ST St. Charles Borromeo
  • 1-3 U800 section 1st St. Charles Borromeo
  • 4-6 section 1st Charles Wright
  • 1-6 open section 1st Charles Wright

TD, David Hendricks, Assistant TD Gary Dorfner.
Photos of some of the winners (and the playing site):

2010 Charles Wright Chess Challenge

The Charles Wright Chess Challenge was held on Feb. 27, 2010. There were 167 players in all, 26 in the K-1 section, 51 in the 2-3 section, 84 in the 4-6 section, 6 in the 7-12 section.

The winners were:

  • K-1 section 1st Raul Dominguiano 5-0, 2nd-3rd Aryan Deshpande, Rico Ibarra, Ramiro Ibarro 4-1
  • 2-3 section 1st Dawson Damish 5-0, 2nd-10th Arjun Thomas, Katherine Jones, Michael Kim, Joey Manza, Daniel Hoel, Emily Saletan, Erica Julian, Dave Dearth Samuel Metcalfe 4-1
  • 4-6 section 1st Noah Fields and David Lindgren 5-0, 2nd Coley Fannin 4.5
  • 7-12 section 1st Todd Damish 4-0, 2nd-4th Sanjay Agrawal, B.J. Hanson, Trey Ascheman, Jeffery Ludwig 2-0.

TD, Elliott Neff.

2010 High School State Team Championship

There were 30 teams from 27 schools in all.

The winners were:

  • 1st Lakeside (A) 20.5
    Michael Omori
    Darren Wu
    Petter Lessler
    Ethan Gottlieb
    David Inglis
  • 2nd Interlake (A) 19
    Michael Lee
    Alex Guo
    David Golub
    Drew Dawson
    Abinav Viswanathan

TD, Paul Zurybida

In the JV Section there were 79 players in all.

The winners were:

  • 1st John Dennison 5-0
  • 2nd Puneet Dewan and Tal Levy 4.5 each

TD, Dave Ellinger.