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2010 Washington Open

May 29-31, 2010 in Redmond, WA

$8,000 in guaranteed prizes!!

Crosstables are available on the USCF website (, event ID 201005316931.

The annual Washington Open was held at the Marriott Redmond Town Center Hotel on Memorial Day weekend. There were 186 players in all ... 47 in the Open, 47 in the Premier, 47 in the Reserve & 45 in the Booster.

The winners were:

Open Section 1st, 2nd, 3rd Costin Cozianu, Michael Lee and Ignacio Perez $666.67 each, 4th David Roper $300.00.
Premier Section 1st, 2nd, 3rd Michael Hosford, Mayhul Arora and Drew Dawson $316.67 each.
Reserve Section 1st, 2nd, 3rd Anatoly Grabar, Daniel He and Marcell Szabo $266.67 each.
Booster Section 1st, 2nd John Brow and Adithya $225.00 each, 3rd Fidel Medoza $100.00.
TDs Fred Kleist and Gary Dorfner.

Blitz 1st Nick Raptis $80.00, 2nd Steven Breckenridge $45.00.
1st U1700 Clay Lainson and Silas MacLachlan $62.50 each.
TD Fred Kleist. There were 12 players in all.

Novice 1st Howard Hare, 2nd Davey Jones, 1st U1100 Pratik Padhi, 1st U1000 Jarva Dodge, 1st U900 Maggie Chi. All received trophies. TD Gary Dorfner. There were 13 players in all.

Quick Chess G/10, There were only 3 players in all. Event was run as a double
Round Robin. 1st Limuel Coloma $50.00. TD Gary Dorfner.

Scholastic Section

There were 34 players in all, 8 in the K-3U800, 12 in the K-3 Open, 5 in the 4-6 U800 and 9 in the 4-6 Open.

The winners were:
K-3 U800 1st Paula Brewster 5-0, 2nd Catie Dutton 4-1, 3rd Orion Dittler-Marion 3-2.
K-3 Open 1st Marcell Szabo 5-0, 2nd Howard Hare 4-1.
4-6 U800 1st-2nd Justin Krois and Sean Miller 4-1 each, 3rd Caleb Midcap 3-2.
4-6 Open 1st Michael Zhao 5-0, 2nd Blaine Mitchell 4-1.

Photos of Washington Open event courtesy of Gary Dorfner (click to enlarge):
Some of the winners in the scholastic section.
Jarva Dodge, 1st U1000 in the Novice section.