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2010 Oregon Class Championship

April 17-18, 2010 in Portland, Oregon

Crosstables are available on the USCF website (, event ID 201004182141.

Photos of Oregon Class event courtesy of Frank Niro (click to enlarge):

Photos in order from left to right:
  1. Class B players Erik Skalnes vs. Steven Witt (foreground) and Alex Grom vs. Jim McAleer.
  2. Top section winner Oregon FM Nick Raptis. In the background Washington Master Satyajit Malaqu with his back to the camera faces off against Leonardo Sotaridona while Mrs. Malaqu looks on.
  3. Tournament organizer Dale Wentz.
  4. TD Neil Dale doing his Sunday crossword puzzle in pen, as usual, while the players compete in Round 4.

Report from Frank Niro

Raptis moves to head of the Class

The 41-player Oregon Class Championship was held in three sections at Reed College (in Portland) April 17-18, 2010. Only Class B with 12 players had more than the minimum required for its own section. As a result, there was a combined upper section consisting of 14 Masters, Experts and Class A players and a lower section with 15 Class C, D and E entries.

The top section was won by FIDE master Nick Raptis with 4 points in five rounds. His only blemish was a third round draw with Washington master Satyajit Malaqu. Malaqu lost to expert Steven Deeth in the final round to create a second place tie. Raptis was awarded $200 while Malaqu and Deeth received $100 each for their efforts. David Bannon scored three points to earn the title of Oregon Class A Champion and take home the $150 class prize.

Alex Grom opted for a half point bye in round one and then swept his next four games for clear first in the Class B section. His victory was worth $150. Jim McAleer (3 ) took second for $75.

In the lower section, Hector Reyes ($150) earned the top spot with a perfect 5-0 score. Becca Lampman ($150) won Class D with four points, losing only to Reyes. Top Class E money went to Washington resident Jerrold Richards while the title of Oregon Class E champion was bestowed on Caleb Jeffrey.

The tournament was organized by Dale Wentz for the Oregon Chess Federation and ably directed, as always, by Neil Dale.