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2004 Washington vs. British Columbia
International Chess Match

OCTOBER 23, 2004

Pacific Meridian Building, Bellingham, Washington

The BC team won the match by a score of 6-4.
See a report linked from the British Columbia Chess Federation Home Page
You can see the photos and games at:

There is also a Team Tournament in January that is open to teams from the USA. It has a different format than the BC vs. WA match.

This 60 year old event was renewed in 2003 and again in 2004. 10 chess masters from the state of Washington faced off against 10 chess masters from British Columbia. The Canadian team won both events 6-4.

About the Washington State team

This year the state of Washington was looking to field a “dream team” of top players in the State. Elliott Neff a USCF chess master and Former U.S. Open Speed Chess Champion was joined by Eric Tangborn an International Master, Loren Schmidt a Senior Master and former Nebraska State Chess Champion, William Schill a USCF Master and former Washington State Chess Champion. In addition Nat Koons a USCF chess master, Bill McGeary, a USCF chess master, Bobby Ferguson, a former USCF chess master. Substituting was Nick Paleveda a former USCF chess master and Florida State Chess Champion.

About the British Columbia team

British Columbia’s Top player Oliver Schulte was joined by the Former Canadian junior Champion Nigel Fullbrook and Former B.C. Champions Dan Scoones, Joe Osvald and Brian Mc Laren.


1. Eric Tangborn IM 2472 vs. Oliver Schulte SM 2435

2. Loren Schmidt SM 2430 vs. Dan Scoones NM 2291

3. William Schill NM 2264 vs. Bobby Meng NM 2264

4. Elliot Neff NM 2263 vs. Brian McLaren NM 2246

5. Nat Koons NM 2230 vs. Paul Brown NM 2246

6. David Bragg NM 2229 vs. Alfredd Pechisker 2192

7. Bill McGeary NM 2219 vs. Joe Oswald 2172

8. Robert Ferguson 2197 vs. Nigel Fullbrook 2147

9. Bruce Kovalsky 2166 vs. Jim Ferguson 2125

10. Curt Collyer 2162 vs. Laszlo Tegzes 2051

Statement from Duane Polich, WA Team Captain

Thanks to the members of the Washington State Chess Team for your effort against British Columbia in our recent match. Your participation and effort are very much appreciated. Although we didn't fare any better this year than last, I think we have lulled the B.C. players into a sense of false security and we should challenge them to play for money! (Just kidding!) Seriously, there's always next year! We'll get 'em.

I hope everybody enjoyed the match and I would like to thank Nick Paleveda and his wife for being such gracious hosts and providing a great location for the event. The BC players even are in favor of holding the match again there next year, when it is their turn to host.

If you get a chance, any annotations of your games or fellow teammates for Northwest Chess magazine will be appreciated.

Next years match will be late September, early October so put it on your calendar now.

Regards, Duane Polich – Team Captain, Vice President Washington Chess Federation.

Comments from Len Molden, BC team captain

Congratulations to all of you for playing in the 2004 BC - Washington State chess match.

On behalf of Joe Oszvald and myself, I thank all of you for participating. We also offer our thanks to Duane Polich, Lynn Stringer, the Washington State Chess Federation, and all of the Washington players. Our thanks also go to Nick Paleveda for allowing us to use his facilities at the 412i Company ( and handling the arrangements there.

Because of your participation we've now established this match as a regular yearly event again (dormant from 1976 until last year). Planning has already begun for next year's match between Duane Polich and me. We're looking at possibly using the Bellingham location again because it was so well received by the players.

You can see the photos and games at:

Thanks again, Len