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2004 Washington Class Championships

This popular annual tournament was held at the Bellevue Red Lion Inn Thanksgiving weekend.

Report from Gary Dorfner:

The Wash. Class Championship was held on Thanksgiving weekend at the Red Lion Inn in Bellevue. There were 116 players in all: 11 in the Master Class, 17 in the Expert Class, 19 in Class A, 18 in Class B, 29 in Class C & 22 in Class D.

The Winners were:

Master, 1st Nat Koons & David Bragg $400.00 each, Under 2300 Bill Schill $200.00,

Expert, 1st Curt Collyer $400.00, 2nd Mike MacGregor $250.00, Under 2100 Paul Bartron Robert Brewster & Mike Schemm $50.00 each,

Class A 1st Blake Salisbury $300.00, 2nd John Julian, Elston Cloy & David Wyde $58.33 each, Under 1900 Vern Vanpoucke $125.00,

Class B 1st Dan Gay & Kevin Binz $150.00 each, Under 1700 Greg Prentice & Todd May $62.50 each,

Class C 1st Kamran Hughes $300.00, 2nd Igor Ummel & August Piper $87.50 each, Under 1500 Scott Charleston, Alan Torkelson, Mike Omori & Blunt Jackson $31.25 each,

Class D 1st Ramone LaMadrid, Blake Dixon & Dan Ho $108.33, Under 1200 Zachary Countryman & Jay Charleston $37.50 each. Darryl Wu won a medal.

TDs Carol and Fred Kleist, Gary Dorfner.

Novice Section. There were only 8 players in all. The winners were: 1st Milo Cantor, 2nd Megan Lee & 3rd Aaron Shaver. All 3 won trophies. All 8 players were each given a Chess Heads Game by David Weinestock. TD Gary Dorfner.

Blitz Tournament. There were 18 players in all. The winners were: 1st Nick Raptis $60.00, 2nd Ricky Selzler $35.00, 3rd Chris Clinton $25.00, Under 2000 Elston Cloy & John Julian $12.50 each, Under 1800 Andy May $20.00. TDs Gary Dorfner and Fred Kleist.

Scholastic Section. There were 61 players in all. The winners were: K-3 Section, 1st Megan Lee, 2nd Alva Wei, 3rd Chuck Carlin, 4-6 Section, 1st Travis Bleich, 2nd Aviv Caspi, 3rd Peter Lessler, 7-12 Section, 1st Kevin Binz, 2nd Ibba Armancas, 3rd Ernest So. They each took home a plaque. TDs David Hendricks and Gary Dorfner.

Our thanks to Drayton Harrison for doing the bulletins and to Tim Tobiason the vendor who came here from Nebraska and to WCF President Kent McNall who underwrote the tournament.