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GM CHESS FEST in Vancouver, BC:
Two Simuls and a Pairs Tournament

World class Grandmasters don't come to town every day. On July 7, 2004, you will have an opportunity to take part in a day of chess with four famous chess Grandmasters. There will be three separate events:

1:00 pm: GM Cramling simultaneous exhibition (girls only). GM Cramling will simultaneously play all challengers. This event is restricted to female opponents, and will be followed by a brief lecture on "How to Beat Boys."

3:30 pm: GM Bellon simultaneous exhibition (open to all). GM Bellon will simultaneously play all challengers. This event is open to all players.

7:00 pm: Pairs Exhibition tournament (spectators welcome). GMs Cramling, Bellon, Seirawan and Suttles will play three 30-minute Pairs exhibition games, rotating partners each game. In each game, one player makes the first move for White, then the players alternate, each making two moves in a row. Partners may not talk about the game while playing or otherwise give hints or advice to their partner. They may tell their partner to move ("It's your move.") and tell them to move quickly ("Hurry up, we have 20 seconds left!!"). Profanity and physical violence is not allowed except under extreme circumstances.

Date: July 7, 2004 (Wednesday)
Location: To be announced (Vancouver, B.C.)
Information and pre-registration:
Bruce Harper, Ben Daswani
Registration Deadline: 15 minutes before each event. Pre-registration is encouraged, as the number of players in the simultaneous exhibitions is limited.
Entry fee: $30 for all events; otherwise $20 per event. Participants in the Western Canadian Open and juniors receive a 50% discount. These discounts are cumulative, for a maximum discount of 75%. Equipment: Boards and sets will be provided.

Who are the grandmasters?

Pia Cramling

Swedish Grandmaster Pia Cramling took part in the Vancouver Chess Congress in 1981 when she was 18, and all those who met her have been fans of hers ever since. Pia has been one of the top women players in the world for many years, and has frequently competed successfully against (male) Grandmasters. Her most recent accomplishment was winning the 2003 European Women’s Championship in a dramatic, come-from-behind victory. Married to Spanish Grandmaster Juan Bellon, Pia has an adorable daughter Anna, who will also be in Vancouver.

Juan Manuel Bellon Lopez

Spanish Grandmaster Juan Bellon has been active since 1969, and has played virtually all those famous players we’ve read about – getting his fair share of wins against them. He’s never visited Vancouver, but will be playing in the Western Canadian Open this July in Vancover. Married to Swedish Grandmaster Pia Cramling, he is the recent father of Anna, who will be joining her parents at the Western Canadian Open.

Yasser Seirawan

Seattle Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan is a frequent and delightful visitor to Vancouver – except if you have to play him. Not only has Yasser won the World Junior Championship, the U.S. Championship (a number of times), and defeated World Champions past and present, he is a formidable blitz and bughouse opponent - the true mark of a great player.

Duncan Suttles

Vancouver Grandmaster Duncan Suttles is famous both in British Columbia and throughout the world for his unique and creative approach to the game. He has won the Canadian Championship and competed against the world’s top players on many occasions. He can always be counted on to have new insights into even the most standard positions.