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Chess Game Scores (from Oregon events)


  • Thanks to Frank Niro for the 2011 Oregon Senior and Portland Centennial Open games.

  • Thanks to Ralph Dubisch for the 2011 Oregon Open games.

  • Thanks to Jeff Roland for the 2012 Oregon Open games.

  • Thanks to Murlin Varner for the 2013 Harmon Memorial games.

  • Thanks to Grisha Alpernas for the 2013-2016 Oregon Championship games.
    (Also to Jeff Roland for compiling the 2016-2017 games.)

  • Thanks to Hanniegn Pitre for the 2015 Newport June Open games.

File Format Notes:

  • CBV type files are Chessbase archive databases. They can be opened with Fritz, ChessBase, ChessBase Light, ChessBase Reader, and Chess Assistant. If you don't have one of these chess programs, you can go to and download the free ChessBase Light.

  • PGN (Portable Game Notation) type files can be opened with almost any chess program, and also any text editor such as MS-Word or Notepad.

  • We've added MyChessViewer 2.2 from, which allows you to view games in the PGN files directly in your browser. (Click on the corresponding .htm file in the MyChessViewer column to open the viewer.) Note: You will likely need to add to your Java security exceptions list (in configure Java) to allow MyChessViewer to run.

Event: Oregon Championship (Invitational)
Year #Games Files for download MyChessViewer
See list of winners for links to crosstables and additional information.
Note: Separate invitational section added in 2016.
2017 45 ORChamp2017.pgn | ORChamp2017.cbv ORChamp2017.htm
2016 77 ORChamp2016.pgn ORChamp2016.htm
2015 45 ORChamp2015.pgn ORChamp2015.htm
2014 41 ORChamp2014.pgn ORChamp2014.htm
2013 45 ORChamp2013.pgn ORChamp2013.htm
2012   Not available.  
2011   ORChamp2011.cbv  
2010 45 ORChamp2010.pgn | ORChamp2010.cbv ORChamp2010.htm
Event: Oregon Open
Year #Games Files for download MyChessViewer
2013-17   Not available.  
2012 25 OROpen2012.cbv | OROpen2012.pgn OROpen2012.htm
2011 23 OROpen2011.pgn OROpen2011.htm
Event: Clark Harmon Memorial Open (in Oregon)
Year #Games Files for download MyChessViewer
2017   Not available  
2015   Not available  
2013 35 Harmon_Memorial_2013.pgn Harmon_Memorial_2013.htm
Event: Newport June Open
Year #Games Files for download MyChessViewer
2015 19 Newport_2015.pgn Newport_2015.htm
Event: Oregon Senior Championship
Year #Games Files for download MyChessViewer
2012-2017   Not available.  
2011   ORSenior2011.cbv  
Event: Portland Centennial Open
Year #Games Files for download MyChessViewer
2011 54 PCC_Centennial.cbv