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2012 Washington Open

May 26-28, 2012 in SeaTac, WA

$7,000 in prizes based on 170 entries!

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Report by Gary Dorfner

The 61st annual Washington Open was held at the Holiday Inn in SeaTac. It was last held here in 1998, when Gary Dorfner was the Chief TD. The 2012 event drew 144 players, 35 in the Open, 36 in the Premier, 35 in the Reserve and 38 in the Booster Section. Chief TD Fred Kleist and Assistant Chief TD Gary Dorfner did a good job keeping things running smoothly as did Organizer and Tournament Coordinator Dan Mathews.

The winners were:

Open Section
1st Georgi Orlov 5.0 $600.00, 2nd-3rd/1st U2150, Nick Raptis, Josh Sinanan and Samir Sen 4.5 $356.67 each, 4th-5th David Roper, Curt Collyer, David Golub and David Bragg 4.0 $96.25 each, 2nd-3rd U2150 Megan Lee and Casey Xing 4.0 $172.50 each, 4th U2150 Paul Bartron 3.5 $85.00.

Premier Section
1st Yogi Saputra 5.5 $260.00, 2nd James Colasurdo 5.0 $215.00, 3rd-4th Ryan Ackerman and Sarah May 4.5 $180.00 each, 5th Samuel He 4.0 $130.00, 1st-2nd U1850 4.0 $150.00, 3rd-4th U1850 Quentin Chi, Mayhul Arora, Paul Arond, Frank Fagundes, James Wang, Faris Gulamali and Michael Hosford 3.5 $39.00 each.

Reserve Section
1st-2nd Andrew Porisch and Logan MacGregor 5.0 $192.50 each, 3rd-4th Derek Zhang and Carl Dutton 4.5 $140.00 each, 5th Murlin Varner 4.0 $85.00, 1st-2nd U1550 Davey Jones and Naomi Bashkansky 4.0 $117.50 each, 3rd-4th U1550 Diallo Wilson, Jothi Ramesh, Brendan Zhang and Ben Seran 3.5 $42.50 each.

Booster Section
1st-2nd Howard Hwa and Sean Miller 5.0 $150.00 each, 3rd-4th Jiangyu Li and Aditya Kannan 4.5 $97.50 each, 1st-2nd U1100 Anthony He, Neil Doknjas and Dylan Xu 4.0 $78.33 each, 1st Unrated Suha Can 3.5 $100.00.

Side Events:

1st Dereque Kelley 8.0 $70.00, 2nd/1st U2000 Ignacio Perez and Yogi Saputra 7.5 $35.00 each, 1st U1700 Marc Huang 4.0 $20.00, 1st U1400 Jothi Ramesh 3.0 $20.00, 1st U1200 and Unrated Ryan Cho 2.0 $20.00.

G/10 Tournament
1st-2nd Top Half Marc Naus and Micah Smith 4.0 $32.00, 1st Bottom Half Yogi Saputra $40.00, 2nd Bottom Half Anthony Lamb, Toshihiro and David Sutton 1.0 $8.00 each.

Novice Section
Only three players showed up to play in this event. It was run as a quad. Winners were; 1st Ben Jee, 2nd Karen Schmidt and 3rd Claire Smith. They each won a trophy. TD for all three events was Gary Dorfner.

Scholastic Section

There were 62 players in all. The winners were:
K-3 U800 1st Poppy Honeybone 5.0, 2nd Andrew Nguyen 4.0, 3rd Hannah Bazar 3.0
K-3 Open 1st Ananta Ranganathan 4.5, 2nd Maggie Yu 3.5, 3rd Ruthvik Ayyagari 3.5
4-6 Open 1st Blaine Mitchell 4.5, 2nd Howard Hare 4.0, 3rd Konstantin Velichko 4.0
7-12 Open 1st Eugene Chin 5.0, 2nd Brian Liou 4.0, 3rd Aravind Sripada 3.0.
Team Section: 1st Open Window 14.0, 2nd Seattle Country Day 11.0
TD for this event: David Hendricks.

Photos of Washington Open event courtesy of Gary Dorfner (click to enlarge):

Left: Novice section winners Ben Jee (1st) and Karen Schmidt (2nd).
Right: Scholastic "Bughouse" action.