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2009 Washington Class Championships and Thanksgiving Scholastic

November 27-29, 2009 in Redmond, Washington

See the list of prize winners below.

Crosstables are available on the USCF website (, event ID 200911295981.

Photos of Thanksgiving Scholastic event courtesy of Gary Dorfner (click to enlarge):

Views of the playing hall.

Awards presented by WCF Scholastic Coordinator David Hendricks.

Photographer Philip Peterson took a number of photos at the recent Washington Class Championships,
and needs some help identifying the players.
You can view his photos at,
and respond directly using the e-mail link if you can help with identification.

Report from Gary Dorfner

The 2009 Washington Class Championships were held at the Marriott Hotel in Redmond on Thanksgiving weekend. There were 163 players in all, 18 in the Master Class, 19 Expert, 26 A, 20 B, 24 C, 27 D and 29 E.

The winners were:

Master; 1st Michael Lee $525.00, 2nd/1st U2300 Curt Collyer and Ignacio Perez $262.50 each.

Expert, 1st Steven Breckenridge $425.00, 2nd/1st U2100 Kerry Xing and Andy May $212.50 each.

Class A, 1st Krishnan Warrier $325.00, 2nd David Golub $200.00, 1st U1900 Skylor Fryberg and Limuel Coloma $62.50 each.

Class B, 1st Galen Pyle $325.00, 2nd Neale Monkhouse $200.00, 1st U1700 Dan Hua $125.00.

Class C, 1st/2nd Richard Golden, Robert Goodfellow, Ethan Bashkansky and August Piper $131.25 each, 1st U1500 Mayhul Arora $125.00.

Class D 1st Juan Gomez $325.00, 2nd Jonah Lee $200.00, 1st U1300 Mayur Bedadala, Masayuki Nagase and Jason Presley $41.67 each.

Class E 1st Morgan Higgins $175.00, 2nd Breck Haining $100.00, 1st U1000 Richard Tang $$75.00, 1st U800 Rithvik Bharath $75.00, 1st Unrated Sukeerth Vegaraju $75.00.

Side Events

Blitz, 1st Steven Breckenridge $50.00, 2nd Galen Pyle $40.00, 1st U1700 Michael Quan $30.00.

Novice, 1st Class E Sean Thatcher, 1st Class F Gus VanNewkirk, 2nd Howard Hwa, 3rd Andy Thatcher, 1st Class G Nikita Filippov, 2nd Dhingra Sangeeta, 3rd Andy Yuen. They each received a trophy.

Bughouse, 1st Fields/Seran, 2nd Muntianu/Mitchell, 3rd Kramer/Kramer, 4th Miller/Chin. Each team received trophies.

TDs: Fred Kleist & Gary Dorfner.

Scholastic Section (Thanksgiving Scholastic)

K-3 Open, 1st Ben Seran, 2nd Justin Blachman, James Soetedjo, Joey Yeo, Terrance Li and Zizheng Cheng.

K-3 U800, 1st Alex Finan, 2nd Jonathan Han, Thorsten Lannyad, Ben Jee and Brett Kruse.

4-6 Open 1st Kyle Haining, 2nd Carl Dutton, Nicholas Pisani, Chandler Moy and Kanish Puri.

4-6 U800 1st Angela Bleeker, 2nd Brian Zhu, Ian Robertson, Saffa Hiyeri, and Sara Marcjan.

7-12 Open, 1st Paul Pisani, 2nd Matt Coopersmith, Peter Sherman, Andrew Thatcher.

Team Awards

K-3 Open, 1st OPW.

K-3 U800, 1st BLW.

4-6 Open, 1st EVG.

4-6 U800, 1st STV.

7-12 pen, 1st INL and OMS.

TD: David Hendricks.