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2008 Washington Class Championships

November 28-30, 2008 in Redmond, Washington

See the list of prize winners (PDF file)

Crosstables on available on the USCF website (, event ID 200811301051.

Photos courtesy of Russell Miller: (click to enlarge)

WCF President Duane Polich makes grand entrance to the playing hall!
Hail to the Chief!!

Left: WCF scholastic director David Hendricks.
Left center: The scholastic tournament playing room in action!
Right center: Assistant tournament director Gary Dorfner with the scholastic trophies.
Right: WCF Treasurer Robert Allen.

Left: Josh Sinanan playing on top board in round 5.
Left center: Polly Wright.
Right center: Seattle Chess Club members August Piper and Darby Monahan.
Right: David Rupel.
See additional photos by Philip Peterson (on his own website).

Report from Gary Dorfner:

The 2008 event was held at the Marriot Redmond Town Center Hotel on Nov. 28-30. There were 141 players in all. Master 15, Expert 17, Class A 21, B 21, C 19, D 22, E 25. The winners were as follows:

Master 1st/2nd Michael Lee & Josh Sinanan $425.00 each, 1st U2300 David Roper, Gil Lapid Shafriri & Allen Smith $66.67 each.

Expert 1st Mike MacGregor $425.00, 2nd/1st U2100 Andy May & Yaman $212.50 each.

Class A 1st /2nd Kerry Xing & Cyrus Desmarais $262.50 each, 1st U1900 Bryan Yue & Nickola Pazderic $62.50 each.

Class B 1st David Inglis $325.00, 2nd Casey Xing $200.00, 1st U1700 Ethan Gottlieb $125.00.

Class C 1st Galen Pyle $325.00, 2nd Sarah May $200.00, 1st U1500 Bert Rutgers & Amith Vammane $62.50 each.

Class D 1st/2nd Ethan Bashkansky & Andrey Yatsenko $262.50 each, 1st U1300 Aakarsh Gottumukkala $125.00.

Class E 1st Shanglun Wang 6 points (the only player who scored 6-0) $175.00, 2nd Stoyan Iordanov & Dan Gordon $50.00 each, 1st U1000 J.C. Mies, James Smith, Don Schumacher $25.00 each, 1st U800 Rithvik Bharath $$75.00, 1st Unrated Henry Aguilar & Ben Brusniak $37.50.

Side Events:

Blitz-Open 1st Janne Makinen $55.00, 2nd/3rd Elliott Neff & Rex de Asis $34.00 Each, 1st U2000 Duane Polich & Sharad Cornejo $11.00 each. Reserve 1st Casey Xing $50.00, 2nd David De Labrena $$37.50, 3rd Donovan Zhao $25.00.

The G/10 on Sunday drew only 8 players. Winners 1st Bill Schill $45.00, 2nd Mike Murray $35.00, 3rd Yevgeniy Rozenfeld & Tony Lanb $24.50 each, 1st U1400 Greg Prentice $22.00.

There were only 15 players in the Novice Section. The winners were 1st Class E Sean Thatcher, 1st Class F Andrew Thatcher, 2nd Edwin Dodd, 1st Class G Kyle Haining, 2nd Iain Ang, 3rd Breck Haining, 1st Unr. Neel Vengateeshwara, 2nd Jeremy Whittemore, 3rd Robin Schmit. They all received trophies.

Bughouse: There were 8 teams (16 kids) in all. The winners were 1st Nicholas & Nagase, 2nd Don Zhao & Nic Orlov, 3rd Grace & Leann. They all received trophies too.

Elliott Neff played 17 kids in a simul. He won 17 & lost 1. Casey Schoonover was the player who beat Elliott.

In the Scholastic there were 122 players in all. K-3 Open 30, K-3 U800 32, 4-6 Open 31, 4-6 u800 14, 7-12 Open 15. The winners were:

K-3 Open 1st Carl Dutton, 2nd William Lee, 3rd Noah Fields, 4th Kyle Haining.

K-3 U800 1st Betty Hou, 2nd Colin Lehmann, 3rd Jason Edmonds, 4th Jonathan Han.

4-6 Open 1st Jack Go, 2nd Masayuki, 3rd Zamir Birnbach, 4th Daniel He.

4-6 U800 1st Emi Brawley, 2nd Ethan Kusters, 3rd Vinny Head, 4th Melinda Bhopatkar.

7-12 Open 1st Peter Marriott, 2nd Mayur Bedadala, 3rd Brian Chien, 4th John Dennison.

They all received trophies. Team awards: K-3 Open 1st Open Window, 2nd Evergreen. 4-6 Open Redmond, 2nd Medina. 7-12 Open 1st Interlake. Each Team received Trophies.

TD for main tournament; Fred Kleist, For Side Events; Gary Dorfner, For Scholastic: David Hendricks.