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2006 Washington Class Championships

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Report from TD Gary Dorfner:

The Washington Class Championship was held at the North Seattle Community College on Nov. 24-26, 2006. There were 119 players in all. On behalf of the WCF Board of Directors I want to apologize to all the junior players who played in the tournament and their parents as well as the adult players for the delays in starting the rounds and other problems we had. As Chief TD it was my responsibility to see to it that things ran smoothly and that the rounds started on time. One of our problems was that we were short handed. The two TDs who were to be there to help out were not able to make it and there were no other TDs available on such short notice. The WCF Tournament Coordinator is new to the job and is still learning how to do it right. You have my word that the Washington Open will be a better organized tournament. Sunday we had a bad snow storm. We will take the weather into consideration for next year's Washington Class when we start planning it.

We would like to thank our Vender Tim Tobiason for being here and hope that he will be back next year for the Washington Open.

The winners were:

Master, 1st Viktors Pupols $500.00, 2nd/1st Under 2300 Curt Collyer & Harley Greninger $250.00 each.

Expert, 1st/2nd Lucas Davies, Michael Lee, Ricky Selzler $216.67 each , 1st Under 2100, Howard Chen, Noam Davies, Geoff Gale, David Rupel $37.50 each.

Class A, 1st Andy May $300.00, 2nd Arie Milner $175.00, 1st Under 1900 Sebastian Baker $125.00.

Class B, 1st Krishnan Warrier $300.00, 2nd/1st Under 1700 Kerry Xing & Matt Yang $150.00 each.

Class C, 1st Philip Placek $300.00, 2nd/1st Under 1500 Eric Woodlief & Bryan Yue $150.00 each.

Class D, 1st Sarah May $150.00, 2nd Jeff Omori $100.00, 1st Under 1300/1st Under 1200 Frank Wessbecher & Casey Xing $75.00 each.

Side Events:

Washington Blitz Championship:

Top Half 1st Nat Koons $60.00, 2nd Nick Raptis & Elliot Neff $24.00 each.

Bottom Half 1st Sterling Kolde $36.00, 2nd Tim Tobiason $24.00.

TD Gary Dorfner.

Thanksgiving Scholastic. There were 108 players in all. 46 in the K-3 Section, 51 in the 4-6 Section & 11 in the 7-12 Section. TD David Hendricks.

K-3 Section 1st Luke Harmon, 2nd Justin Yu, 3rd Chandler Moy, 4th Augie Johnson, 5th Jonah Lee, 6th Vishnu Sarukkai, 7th Jacob Jensen, 8th Sam LeBlanc.

4-6 Section 1st Yun Teng, 2nd Adam Ellner, 3rd Carl Harmon, 4th Robert Kephart, 5th Matt Song, 6th Donovan Zhao.

7-12 Section 1st Jeremy Kohlenberg, 2nd Conan So, 3rd Aviv Caspi.