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2005 Washington vs. British Columbia
International Chess Match

December 3, 2005

Pacific Meridian Building, Bellingham, Washington

This 60 year old event was renewed in 2003 and again in 2004. 10 chess masters from the state of Washington faced off against 10 chess masters from British Columbia. The Canadian team won both events 6-4. This year, a very strong team from Washington State defeated BC's team by a score of 8 1/2 to 1 1/2. Complete results are now available including all of the games and photos on the BC Chess Federation web site.

The match was held at the offices of the 412(i) Company, courtesy of Nick Paleveda. There was a blitz tournament after the match and dinner.

Report from Paul Brown of the BC team

Hi everyone: Thanks again for the match. It was a lot fun - on the losing side for a change.

I've uploaded everything to, then click on "games and photos" on the BC vs. Washington Update.

You will NOTICE THAT, a couple of the team photos are blurry. Perhaps you can help me out if someone has better photos available. Also, I'm missing a picture of Ian Skulsky. I thought I got everybody's photo but apparently missed one.

Many many thanks to Lynn Stringer for putting all of the games into the database. That was a HUGE HELP!

If anyone wants to annotate their games, just send them to me and I will make the update. Many players did annotate their games last year. Feel free to put any material in Northwest Chess. Also, any additional photos will certainly be credited and linked back to players who send them to me to help out.

See you all next year!

We're not looking for revenge.... We just play for the fun of it....

If you believe that, you'll believe anything. ;-)

The 2005 match-ups and results were as follows: (revised 12/8/2005)


1. IM Eric Tangborn 2462(B) - Dan Scoones 2290 1-0
2. NM John Readey 2338(W)   - Alfred Pechisker 2252 1-0
3. NM Elliott Neff 2263(B)  - Brian McLaren 2232 0.5-0.5
4. NM Harley Greninger 2245(W) - Paul Brown 2217 0-1
5. NM Nat Koons 2239(B)     - Lucas Davies 2207 1-0
6. NM Bill McGeary 2219(W)  - Bindi Cheng 2201 1-0
7. NM David Bragg 2210(B)   - Ian Skulsky 2134 1-0
8. Bruce Kovalsky 2166(W)   - Laszlo Tegzes 2109 1-0
9. Curt Collyer 2164(B)     - Marek Radzikowski 2095 1-0
10. Nick Palveda 2151(W)    - Hee Seid 2061 1-0

BC Team Organizer: Len Molden

WCF Team Organizer: Duane Polich

Previous note from the BC Chess Federation:

The next two weekends see the renewal of formal chess competition between the province of British Columbia and the state of Washington. First is the adult match on ten boards, to be played at Bellingham on December 3 (weather permitting). This is the third match in the modern series (the main matches were held 1944-1963); B.C. won in both 2003 and 2004 with identical 6-4 scores, but this year the beefed-up Washington squad will be looking for revenge: (see line-ups above).

Then on December 10 at BCIT is the annual scholastic match; forty-eight players, two per grade from each side, will square off in the fifteenth competition of the series. Last year B.C. won the match, but Washington remains ahead in the overall series by 8-6.

We will present reports on both matches in the next Bulletin (December 15); full historical results can be found at