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Seattle Kings vs Princes Match III & FIDE RRs 26Aug2016 to 30Aug2016
Seattle Chess Club 2150 N 107 St, B-85 Seattle WA 98133
Sections Time control Rating Type Rounds Pairing Rules
Invited None USCF 0 None
Declined None USCF 0 None
Alternate None USCF 0 None
Kings 40/90,SD/30;inc30 USCF + FIDE 9 Scheveningen
Princes 40/90,SD/30;inc30 USCF + FIDE 9 Scheveningen
FIDE Round Robin 40/90,SD/30;inc30 USCF + FIDE 9 Round Robin

USCF memberships are required for sections where the Rating Type is USCF.
If a section is both NWSRS + USCF rated, the USCF rating will be used for pairings.
Open sections are harder, U800 means "Under 800" and is the easier section.
Closed sections are by invitation only to the top rated players.
Scholastic tournaments with 5 rounds held between Sep-Apr are state qualifiers.

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